Early on English law sought not only to deter criminal offenses and immoral behaviour but for exert cultural control, specifically over the lower mortals, nothing at all changes. Crimes committed in early England aren’t much different to the crimes committed today, although the punishments offered are very diverse. Our strategies today to get punishment not anymore use barbaric methods just like hanging, stoning, burning, drowning, decapitation as well as the breaking with the neck pertaining to serious criminal offenses nor can we amputate, window blind, scalp and brand for the lower crimes committed.


Instead we send offenders to jail for crucial crimes and fine/community services for the lesser offences committed. Écartement, murder, rape, robbery, problems for property and assault continue to be punishable today but coition and slaves are no longer accidents due to contemporary society changes. To exert cultural control early on English rules stated “any person who attempted to escape goal or to action in self-defence could be reduce irrespective of the magnitude of the suspected offence or maybe the age or sex of the suspected offender this can be explained for today if a suspect were to run from against the law.

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In Aethelbert’s codes that all men were not equal prior to law, and in many cases less so in the case of females does not prolong to today as far as legislation is today, all men and women are equal in spite of colour, race, age or perhaps gender. Early on English rules did not possess prisons and fines had been determined by social status, the bigger up the person was the much less they had to pay. The king would not have the expenditure in maintaining prisons as as much as he was worried compensation instead of incarceration was eminently acceptable method of dealing with crime.

Substantial proportion of fines and confiscations were claimed by him, crime did pay as far as the crown was concerned. Today, fines could hardly be considered pertaining to crimes just like rape and murder. One more method of early English regulation social control was that of hanging, stoning, burning, drowning, decapitation as well as the breaking with the neck these types of would be required for public and folks would arrive to watch the executions.

Likewise, mutilation of limbs carried scars and offenders will have to live with this kind of for the rest of their lives. This helped to exert cultural control because the executions and escarre would become a prevention in that no-one would want this to happen to them. non-e of these strategies are done today. It is clear to see that there are zero real comparisons to early on English law and the legislation today. Today we have prisons and make use of fines to exert social control.

We no longer make use of barbaric methods to enforce the law. Sentencing, fines and community service today should be enough to suppress from persons offending even though in all societies offences do happen because they did last early Britain but today the compny seeks to help the offenders by counselling, fining and giving back to the city as in community services, although early England the punishments were ridicule. Death, mutilation and maiming were acceptable methods of punishments and cultural control.


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