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‘Holden’s hatred of all things is short and indicates his own unrealistic and confused attitude. ‘ Discuss. J. G. Salinger’s novel Catcher in the Rye depicts a teenager battling through an id crisis during the 1950’s. Salinger promotes the themes of growing up and age of puberty through the leading part, Holden Caulfield. Holden’s attitude towards a lot more bitter and contemptuous which will prevents him from efficiently interacting with other folks. His move from the child years to adult life is blurry and not clear as he lacks the skills needed to shift from one to the various other.


Furthermore, he can unable to get over the hurdle, as he recognizes it, of growing as he is getting it difficult to take the responsibility that accompany it.

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Holden exposes his idea of the self-love and hypocrisy in the world simply by describing all of them as ‘phony’. Holden identifies that phoniness is all during society. Whether it is in reference to his old school principal at Elkton Hills only conversing with the top class family members, or to his hatred of films as it involves actors posing as something they’re not.

Although Holden holds this pessimistic frame of mind, it seems to become evident that outlook looks only to end up being evoked by sympathy, because of the family members that viewed down after at Elkton Hills or for his own unable to start family. Holden also recognizes the insincerity in the publication of Stradlater, his roommate who is able to hide his ‘secret [slobbery]’ behind his ‘sexy’ appearance and fake charm.

In this perception, Holden may also be jealous of how easily Stradlater can safeguard his various insecurities as he has a strong sense of self-imposed ego. Holden describes his older brother Deb. B. as being a phony mainly because Holden interprets him as a ‘sellout’ if you are a ‘prostitute in Hollywood’. Though Holden used to admire his older brother, his today believes M. B. is usually compromising his talents to get an audience. In the same way, with Ernie who plays piano at the nightclub, Holden is disappointed when the target audience claps pertaining to him, proclaiming that ‘people always clap for the incorrect things’. Holden is often located disapproving of particular components in society, however has the capacity to justify to himself the reasons of his actions based upon his very own experiences and perceptions, that might clash with all the expectations of society and it is this that confuses Holden.

Holden’s concept of reality is identified to be changed due to aggravating experiences and so he has difficulty with interactions, creating connections and approval of society. At the start of the text, you is informed that Holden is narrating from a mental institution, which enables the reader to summarize that Holden’s views of reality are somewhat unstable. Moreover, Holden is unable to release the past, when he believes the child years is the only place he will probably find joy. Holden’s belief of the child years consists of complete, utter, absolute, wholehearted love, ease and protection from the corruption of the external world.

To Holden, this kind of genuineness been with us only when Allie was with your life. It is right here that the visitor is led to believe that the issues behind Holden’s inability to deal with complexity and intimacy come from the death of Allie which he has failed to properly grieve pertaining to, resulting in misunderstandings and deficiency of the drawing a line under he should move forward. When it comes to his libido and insufficient knowledge or experience inside the matter, Holden notes that this doesn’t genuinely apply since ‘in [his] mind, [he’s] probably the biggest sex maniac you ever before saw’ which in turn implies that Holden has already developed his individual world in which he features isolated himself to. Holden’s fantasy is usually to be the ‘catcher in the rye, ‘ ‘catching’ kids via falling off a cliff in to the pretentious associated with adulthood.

This kind of metaphor indicates that Holden wants to be the person in order to save the children just before they fall out of their harmless knowledge into the repulsive regarding adults. His desire to remain in of years as a child is implied when he talks about that the ‘best things about the museum is crucial stayed wherever it was’ which shows that he étendu for a world that continues to be frozen and unchanged, when he fears the unknown. As well, when watching Phoebe on the slide carousel, Holden says that ‘the nice reasons for carousels were that they often played similar songs. ‘ The reality on the planet cannot be accepted if the that means is unfamiliar, and this applies to Holden because his lack of knowledge to explore this kind of unknown stops his from being the person he genuinely wants to be.

Furthermore, Holden finds difficulty in accepting the concerns and responsibilities that are required in the adult globe. His childishness and immaturity, whether strategic or not, is noticeable when Holden ‘left all the foils and equipment and stuff around the goddam subway’ and instead of accepting that he made an error, he blames it in that this individual ‘had to hold getting up to think about this map so ‘[they’d] know where to get off’.

Holden’s responsibility since an adolescent young adult was to surface finish school with good grades however unable to do that, he transfers to different schools repeatedly, only to fail again. Holden’s inability to accept responsibility are often due to a fear of accomplishment. Holden’s childishness is also observed throughout the book when Holden refuses to go home and face his parents about ‘flunking out of Pencey Prep’ in anxiety about the critique and effects that will result. Holden disfavors responsibility, as he believes that with it is about expectations, and if he does not live up to those expectations, then this unconditional appreciate he received through child years will subside.

‘Catcher in the Rye’ explores the tension and confusion among Holden’s hope to observe and isolate with his need to speak and hook up. Holden shows characteristics of your secluded mentality and is patient of his own seclusion, which in turn stops him by conforming to society’s anticipations. Through Holden, the compare between child years and adult life and the procedure for transitioning in one to another will be examined carefully. As the novel moves along, the reader has the capacity to understand what events Holden has experienced which may have lead to his unrealistic and confused frame of mind about worrying change, resenting adulthood and growing up.


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