Aztec religion Essay


The U. S has the highest murder rate of any developing country in the world. Does this amaze you? Well, although it is a fact, and the most people would think this really is unethical.

This would also be authentic for Aztec society. Which will deserves the higher Emphasis? Human being Sacrifice, or Aztec Cultivation?

I believe historians should emphasis more on human sacrifice because, however the Aztecs had been resourceful and well organized in agriculture, these were barbaric in regards to human sacrifice. They murdered off a couple of, 300 guys who were prisoners of war (Doc. D). We have to take into account that these surrender had family members and lives and people who cared for about them that have been cruelly cut away from all of them.

The Aztecs could’ve demonstrated the love and dedication for their gods one more less chaotic way. What the Aztec would to the surrender was in-humane. When they slain the eschew, they would tear of their hearts, throw the hearts to the shrine dedicated to the gods and let the dead body roll throughout the temple actions bathed in its own blood vessels. Even though different groups of persons did human being sacrifice, the Aztec were ruthless and held simply no remorse for his or her victims. Aztecs sometimes merely went to conflict with another group of people in order to capture persons and get them to sacrifices, known as flower wars (Doc.

D). What the Aztec did was just unpleasant and I think historians should target more on human sacrifice than culture. There was a humungous level of sacrifices, as well as spiritual importance, plus they surprisingly didn’t kill these individuals with evil eyes or hatred. The Aztecs hade feeling toward sacrifices.

The Aztec lost a huge range of people! In a single day they will sacrifice two, 300 criminals (Doc. D). That is the same population of an average institution! Not only do they sacrifice so much of population, in addition they gave up resources and the finest people to sacrifice!

If this kind of wasn’t an issue, could you envision how much more advanced the Aztec agriculture could become?

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