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McDonald’s is the greatest fast food string in the world, their company revenue and run income was largely surpass KFC on the global size, but it presented a strong obstacle from APPLEBEES when it surfaced into Cina. This dissertation analyzes the comparison between KFC and McDonald’s web marketing strategy, emphases upon finding the similarities and differentiations from “Seven P Formula and finally makes a conclusion that localization is far more suitable than globalization because the web marketing strategy when take out chain appeared in China’s market.


Localization or Globalization is certainly discussed when choosing strategic orientation in intercontinental marketplace. Those two international marketing philosophies motivated enterprises’ current situation and future expansion. There are two fast food foreign companies called McDonald’s and Kentucky Deep-fried Chicken (KFC) who in the beginning adopted distinct marketing strategies in China that led to differentiation for their upcoming development. McDonald’s first operation was founded in america in 1955, serve people for burger, french fries and other type of take out, while APPLEBEES also through the same region, is now a single brand of Yum, which first restaurant was founded in 1952 and largely sells exceptional taste cooked chicken.

From global scope, McDonald’s is exceeding KFC by company revenue, operating revenue to throughout the world system models.

McDonald’s company- operated sales were $18875 million, working income was $8764 mil and it had 35429 systemwide restaurants in 2013(McDonald’s, 2013), while KFC’s company sales were $11184 million, working profit was $1798 mil and there are 18875 KFC restaurants in 2013(YUM, 2013). However , because these two global fast-food brands emerged in China, the problem has been reversed. McDonald’s total annual report uses APMEA (Asia Pacific, Midsection East and Africa) because representative of Cookware but not show the profit from China and tiawan while KFC can saw significant progress in China and tiawan, and it highlighted the progress in new eating places, recruits and volume expansion in gross annual report. The difference between thesetwo fast food firms was primarily due to their sales strategies. That is, localization is more suited than globalization as the marketing strategy when ever fast food chain emerged in China’s industry.


The concept of marketing has long been defined by different people. The easiest that you understand can be a process of planning and executing, from price, products, ideas and services to satisfy customers and organizations aims (Ferrell et al, 1987). This classification emphases advertising as a procedure preformed in organization, which has an overview of its useful function. It has mutually useful between suppliers and customers’ exchange, in which provider’s target is to give products and in order to achieve revenue and user’s goal is to purchase products which profit their lifestyle. Marketing strategy will be the plan that identifying precisely what is the customers’ requirement and what marketing goals and objectives could be achieved in the event that selling particular goods and services in an available period (Jonathan, 2009). Briefly may be the competitive strategy that the firm will have. Online marketing strategy enables a business to have an understanding on the environment and attain its objectives by using it is resources that may meet the needs of customs (Douglas et al, 2010). A good marketing strategy would efficiently improve firm to supervise their worth and generate consumers’ manufacturer loyalty. Localization is a approach that advocates enterprises to adapt to regional culture.

The method often create their products, services and campaign customized connect with local market. Enterprise need to combine into and treat them as an inherent member but is not a foreigner for the local traditions in the marketplace, which focuses on the enterprise must adjust to the environment to get more space to be able to further development (Warren, 2008). KFC is definitely an example that has developed foodstuff, drink and service highly sensitized to localization. KFC was the first western junk food chain come about in Cina in 1987. In order to be successful, KFC forgotten its U. S. business structure and prepared to sell key products and services locally. Since it started to now, the company’s strength and competences build up has exceeded a major component to fast food businesses and successfully posed strong barriers to competitors in China. The positive effect was defined by Edmund as the process of creating linksbetween individuals and organizations that transcend countrywide boundaries and therefore are not susceptible to political interference (Edmund, 2008).

Globalization is usually a marketing strategy that the corporation extended their very own activities around the world, it is a primary tendency pertaining to international businesses or company who want to run in other countries. This kind of tendency was influenced by simply technical elements such as information and interaction technology wave, and basic principle of financial and trade, also afflicted with the motion of people. The positive effect will continue be a major tendency in the foreseeable future because of opportunities, which created huge increases in prosperity, notably in emerging markets, such as Chinese suppliers (Martin, 2013). McDonald’s was your example that opened it 1st restaurant in China in 1990 and adopted globalization strategy at first, but ultimately achieved couple of successes than KFC in China’s marketplace.

The likeness and difference between APPLEBEES and McDonald’s in China’s market APPLEBEES opened it is first wall socket in Beijing in 1987, it was the first traditional western fast food business at that time and today it has 4563 outlets, that can be regarded as the greatest restaurant cycle in China and tiawan (YUM, 2013). McDonald’s 1st restaurant exposed in China and tiawan in 1990, and now it includes 2003 stores all around the China and tiawan. From the evident distinction of the outlets, you need to analyses the similarity and differentiation together. The largest big difference was the time these two businesses settled in China and implemented all their strategies. Franchising is a organization format that the franchisor funds a license to franchisee and franchisee then simply can use it logo, companies goodwill. For instance , McDonald’s let other business man open up their cycle by using the same name if they have paid out initial payment and ongoing management service fee (Colin, C et ing, 2012). APPLEBEES use collaborative model of immediate and operation chain which will laid the solid foundation of completive advantages.

KFC is earlier than McDonald’s to apply franchising, who have established the first franchising restaurant in 1993 and continue put into practice “do certainly not start from scratch mode, meaning franchisee need not found a location, recruiting and training fresh employees but apply to participate in and take control a mature restaurant. In that scenario, franchisees can easily omit the preparatory function and incorporate themselves for the standard management system as soon as possible. However , McDonald’s require implementing immediate chain run until 2003, while KFC has developed regarding 40 franchise locations during this period. Thus, McDonald’s was standard to APPLEBEES at the preliminary stage, which may have deep affect on their long term development. Marketing strategy helps make reputation of intercontinental opportunity in seven parts: product, selling price, promotion, place, positioning, product packaging, and people. The “Seven S Formula was used to evaluate and reevaluate the business enterprise activities. Because the promoting environment improved so swiftly that it is essential to track and achieve the ideal results simply by adjust several P (Brain, 2004). The similarities and differentiation of seven L between two companies also illustrate localization is suitable than globalization.


“A product is whatever be provided to a market to get attention, obtain, use, or consumption that might satisfy a want or need.  (Philip, 2011). A product consists of good, service and tips. Food can be described as heart notion of the contemporary society and companies from the fast-food chain could attract consumers and change customers’ attitude. APPLEBEES obtained the achievements of fast food industry mainly by selling chicken products. KFC’s products utilized normal production, which selling inexpensive western-style items with community favor. KFC’s menu improved rapidly to follow along with the adjustable market because they followed product life cycle by introduction, growth to maturity and finally fall. Some products offered temporarily while other permanently. For instance , since twenty fourth of 03 in 2014, KFC begun to use the fresh menus, which eliminated eight items, renewed one item and added fourteen things. The entirely variety offers reached to 66 items. The success of APPLEBEES also from the special ingredients, Sanders’ Original Recipe of “11 herbal products and spices is one of the most famous trade top secret in fast food industry (Chartrand, 2001).

The mystery materials mixed with local ingredients developed large amount of buyers. The manager of KFC realizes the fact that customers in Sichuan, Hunan and Chongqin are preferred chilly whilst Shanghai consumers would make a complaint the dishes are very spicy. Hence the company implemented the localization strategy in products and finally changed its recipes to suit the region. McDonald’s mainly selling hamburger with beef, the industry typical american food style. Chinese prefer chicken to beef for a few reasons. Firstly, may bethe price, according to the latest value of gound beef and chicken breast, there is large gap between them, the average selling price of gound beef is 66. 60RMB (approximately 6. five pounds) every kilogram even though the average cost of poultry only in 19. 58RMB (approximately 1 . 8 pounds) per kg (data from your government of china price).

Secondly, the traditional cultivation market in China and tiawan raise even more chicken than cattle, because cattle is so heavy that may eat the its very long growth stage means pricey when buying. As a result of price of raw materials, company would change their recipes to adjust the areas, which means products localization. Probably, McDonald’s food selection have seventeen types of burger and four type of rice, others happen to be beverages and dessert. And McDonald’s insist on standardization upon products and simply had small change in some food, just like start to promote soy dairy for breakfast via 2011. From the difference of the menu, it truly is obviously that KFC has more products and community appetite goods than McDonald’s. Compared the products, KFC’s localization strategy is somewhat more suitable than McDonald’s the positive effect strategy in China.


Price is the customer pays for a product or maybe a service. Is it doesn’t most important factor of marketing (McCarthy, 1975). Prices would affect industry’s marketing decision and company goal plus the achievement in sales quantity would influences price change. So , it is hard for supervisor decide which price are the best, especially in a economic downturn. Because recessions make customers are able to switch another goods or services with cheap as alternatives or replacement (Douglas. 2010). The price of a product may rise or go lower along as time passes and location. A good choice of pricing strategy can benefit you can actually competitive position. KFC and McDonald’s employ multiple charges strategies in various situation. They will mainly select the price skimming strategy, the process of selling product or a service for any high price at first, then gradually reducing the cost in order to get new market segments(Price, 2009) as their charges strategy in China.

The staple food in KFC contains 10 units(six of burger, two styles of move and two sorts of grain ) inside the latest menu, hamburgers’ cost fluctuated about 14 RMB (approximately 1 ) 3 pounds), while McDonald’s have seven burger as its staple meals and the budget range from 6th to sixteen. 5 RMB due todifferent meat. McDonald’s mainly offer beef burger all around the world, nevertheless the high price is usually not ideal in developing country, consequently , it started sell cheese burger with chicken, chicken, sweet and fish. KFC and McDonald’s fierce competition occasionally force the other person to adjust their very own price based on the cost and demand.


Campaign is a hobby that designed to boost the product sales of products and service (Jonathan, 2009). Sales promotion also defined as a task or martial that acts as an inducement to activate consumers to get the products (Sally et ing, 2012). Companies are aimed at revitalizing sales through advertising campaign, temporary price reductions and selection types of promotion methods. The brand name would be intangible assets and goodwill of a company. The greater successful that promote, the greater it will creating brand devotion from customers. KFC cafe in Chinese suppliers has a huge logo of ‘KFC’ plus the portrait of Colonel which leave profound impression in Chinese. It has changed older logo into a new 1, which pressure on “Taste and present youthful energy, friendlier and even more welcoming. The promotions of KFC are varied from advertising in television to Internet, or distributing coupon codes in public place. Every year, APPLEBEES would have fresh menus to attract customers and offer meal collection, such as get burger with cola jointly will save money. Sometimes KFC will send gifts as payments to attract clients, especially children. It also directs coupons in the street or can easily download app of KFC, then you can obtain small low cost from the item. McDonald’s emblem is a gold arch of M, with a slogan of ‘I’m lovin’ it’. The promotion method of McDonald’s is just like KFC. Coupon codes, package and digital advertising all generate growth in marketing.

Place and Positioning

Place is the place that the products or perhaps service basically sold, it provides geographical location which usually offered services or products and different types of circulation channel (McCarthy, 1975). The merchandise or services positioning has become described as the place occupied within a particular promoting where system is targeted by customer (Wind, 1980). Generally, Fast food chain has two target customers. One is those who live in a busy lifestyle. Such as

employees who spend whole day in front of personal computers. These people active at their working together no time organizing food. Fast food gives all of them the chance to take in in a very short time. The other is a consumer who does not like cooking food such as young adults. KFC and McDonald’s let them have the chance to make an effort new. Goal on these types of consumers, both of these companies has their special stores placement strategy. In order to meet consumers that have a busy lifestyle, they available their outlets in metropolitan areas, in which includes a higher populace density and well-developed travel system.

Also to those who desire to try new and unwilling to cook on their own, the cafe always located close to colleges, universities, town centre and commercial areas that young people study by and prefer to go. It has released in McDonald’s official web page for the restaurant development. “McDonald’s searches for the best places within the market to provide our customers with convenience. All of us build quality eating places in areas as well as airfields, malls, tollways, and educational institutions at a worth to our consumers. (from McDonald’s official website), while APPLEBEES provides clients with the easiest, desirable and accessible restaurant locations country wide, such as the shops in the metropolis centre of Beijing and Shanghai, in which has retail center or commercial street. Persons go shopping in those place prefer to find a comfortable location to have a rest, drink a bag or caffeine and take in some food. APPLEBEES and McDonald’s success in choosing position set a good example for other junk food restaurants.

Product packaging

Packaging is a a part of marketing method and link to brand personality. The impact for the image of product ultimately produced from customer’s notion of pleasure. Package is a vital a part of a product that so that it is more versatile, safer and easier to use (Sally et al, 2012). The customer could evaluate the service or product from the 1st moment of seeing. And package attributes help sharpened buyers’ impression during make use of. Then all their attitude might influence their purchase decisions. KFC’s package deal adopted top notch packaging with new company logo which has character of APPLEBEES and the family portrait of Colonel in the middle of front page. As well as the design is usually flexible to local market. McDonald’s deal use even more colorful deal with imaginative idea. And also has the logo ‘M’ in every package. The two of these companies bothadopt family packaging, an approach in which all of company’s package are very similar or contain one main element of the structure (Sally et al, 2012), as their method of promote. Both of their package had live a deep impression in Chinese.


All of the people indirectly involved in the support or development will concern in marketplace when making online strategy. Customers, workers and other people are inseparable when production and consumption took place. It is essential to focus on those people (Booms et ‘s. 1981). KFC in Cina targets for the concepts of family and group. The customers vary from children towards the elders. Prior to 2004, McDonald’s insists on families dedicated to children, concurrently, attracted young person and small parents. After the year of 2004, the prospective market has become young people whose age among 4 and 30. McDonald’s advocates the eagerness and enthusiasm in young while KFC emphasis on the harmony among family members, in China, this specific marketing the place that the concepts of family was strengthen, KFC therefore occupied advantages.

Through the comparisons of KFC and McDonald’s by seven aspects in online strategy, it can have got a clear view between them. The key reason why China has become the place that KFC go beyond McDonald’s at first because the coverage makers think highly on this particular market and be familiar with cross social management, the proper survey helps avoid oversight.


In conclusion, KFC and McDonald’s adopted diverse strategies for all their development in China. The gross or perhaps net make money from their annual report demonstrates that they both have success on operating and developing, however the content comédie on China’s market include apparent difference as their primarily adopted localization and standardization (globalization) in advent of China and tiawan. It means the localization technique of APPLEBEES adopted in China companies are more suitable than globalization technique. The great success of KFC in China is not an incident while McDonalds’ backward does not always mean their approach is bad. KFC’s achievement is largely because it realizes the distinctiveness

of the Oriental market and emphasis on the area environment and local customers.


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