american mexican culture essay


Part A) The American and Mexican civilizations both enjoy Holidays. Some are similar including our Independence Day/ the Mexican Self-reliance Day, and Valentine’s Day, and several are different. People in the usa celebrate New Year Day which can be celebrating the first day of a new year, Memorial Day honors the American soldiers who have perished in the army, Labor Working day which was each pure labor union celebration is now a festival observing the end of summer, Columbus Day is the day Captain christopher Columbus found its way to America, Experienced Day recognizes our military Veterans, Thanksgiving holiday Day is actually a harvest festival that expresses thankfulness and gratitude, and Christmas Day celebrates the birth of Christ.

Mexicans celebrate, Dia de los Reyes Magos which is a gift giving wedding ceremony, Benito Juarez Birthday commemorates the first indigenous director of Mexico, Cinco sobre Mayo celebrates when the Mexicans won the Battle of Puebla resistant to the French, Vida de los Muertos honors Philippine dead spirits, and Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe which is when the Virgin Jane appeared to Juan Diego.

American and Philippine cultures will vary foods. American food consist of Hamburgers, Poultry, Steak, taters, macaroni and cheese, hammer toe, green coffee beans, chili, other, salad, breads, cupcakes, and chocolate. There are plenty of more American foods this is a small example. Mexican food consist of, Tamales-which has cash that is constructed from corn which is sometimes called masa. The masa can be wrapped in corn psyllium. Enchiladas-which is a tortilla that may be covered with red soup, in the inside you could put pork, or chicken. Mole- It is a soup chocolate spices. Posole- is usually soup with hominy and pork in it, and Tortillas- which can be thin and made of hammer toe dough or perhaps flour. The American and Mexican Nationalities have different dialects. Americans speak English and Mexicans Speak Spanish. Both equally American and Mexican Nationalities practice similar sports, such as: football, boxing, baseball, golf ball, golf, and wrestling.

Component B) I have already been affected by a culture obstacle many of instances. On Time particularly was not too long ago. I work at Subway and that we had some Mexicans come in. They didn’t speak some English and neither my own coworker nor I chatted any The spanish language. There were about 10 Mexicans wanting meals and there have been only two of us racking your brains on what they were telling all of us they wanted. It was funny, they were pointing at the symptoms trying to tell us what they desired, but as you probably know there are a lot of diverse sandwiches to each sign. Therefore , we were not getting nowhere thatway. I just began to them unique sandwiches, they didn’t seem to care. This example could have been averted if my personal coworker and i also knew a lot of Spanish, or perhaps if the People in mexico would have well-known some The english language.