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Marsden Hartley epitomizes the transition in American fine art towards abstractionism. In fact , Hartley was integral to fomenting the switch in American art, which had until then tended to separation behind it is European avant-garde counterparts. Hartley spent higher than a quarter of a century in Europe ahead of and during Universe War A single, in both equally Paris and Berlin, where he learned appearing techniques by cubism and abstract expressionism to fauvism. When Hartley returned for the United States, he retreated through the avant-garde variations and became known more as the “rooted-in-Maine American musician, ” (Slenske, 2014). Hartley’s achievements rest as much in the versatility as in his confidence of abstraction and experimentalism in American art.


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Hartley was born in Maine and exhibited a predilection to get visual art at a age. He was formally skilled and got his start exhibiting in Alfred Stieglitz’s Photo gallery 291 in New York. Stieglitz gave Hartley an exclusive display, and later reinforced Hartley on his journey to Europe. Although Hartley under no circumstances attained commercial success during his career, he did have a profound impact on his contemporaries and very well regarded amongst his colleagues. In Paris, Hartley discovered himself among art’s inner circles. He met Pablo Picasso and he “frequented the right now infamous Sunday evening skill salons of Gertrude and Leo Stein, ” (Peltakian, n. g. ). After in Bremen, Hartley was introduced to users of Dieser Blaue Reiter (the Blue Rider group) including Wassily Kandinsky, where he undoubtedly produced much of his expressionistic leanings (Peltakian, d. d. ). One of his more Kandinsky-esque paintings is “Musical Motif (Oriental Symphony). “

Hartley’s lover, A language like german officer Karl von Freyburg, was killed in World Conflict One although Hartley remained in Munich. The loss of life of vonseiten Freyburg precipitated many of Hartley’s “greatest” and the most renowned works like “Portrait of a The german language Officer” and “Berlin Indifference. ” Those two paintings highlight the artist’s embrace of abstraction, fused with his deconstructionist understanding of cubism as well. “Iron Cross” is yet another work from the same series, all of which employ primary hues, bold geometric shapes, many total être. The symbols in these paintings directly make reference to von Freyburg, testimony for their serving being a eulogy and homage to his good friend. For example , the number four identifies von Freyburg’s military routine, the number twenty-four to the yr von Freyburg was when he died, and the iron get across itself to Freyburg’s he was awarded it upon his death (Slenske, 2014). Other paintings Hartley completed during this time period, like “Indian Composition, ” exposed Hartley’s longing for home as well as his lingering desire for American Indian motifs (The Phillips Collection, 2016). “Indian Composition” could potentially

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