America plus the great battle and the fresh era

Excerpt by Term Conventional paper:

America and the Wonderful War” and “The Fresh Era”


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Brinkley, Alan. The Unfinished Country. Vol. 2: A Succinct History of the American Persons. 4th Copy. McGraw-Hill 2005.

What had been the causes of WWI in The european countries in 1914? Why was President Pat so reluctant for the U. T. To become involved until 1917 and what finally position the U. T. “over the edge” and decide to enter the conflict straight?

Nationalism, imperialism, and top secret treaties almost all played a task in the idée of WWI in The european countries, but Director Wilson was initially reluctant to get involved, due to a long great American isolationism in regards to entangling European affairs, particularly the key alliances that stimulated the conflict. His refusal to involve the U. S. In WWI became an important part of his re-election campaign. But Leader Wilson began to protest A language like german violations of American neutrality more vehemently in his public rhetoric than Uk violations, partly because of the American’s greater sympathy for English ideology of democracy and the Allies battle cause, as well as Britain’s rewarding exchange of arms with America. The final sinking with the Lusitania that took American lives propelled the U. S. into the conflict, with increased public support.

What portion did technology play in the horrible amount of death and casualties in WWI? What evidence supports the claim that in WWI, navies came into existence the most modern part of army warfare?

The misuse with the new armed service technology of machine firearms resulted in the abuses of trench warfare and the fatalities of millions of young men. The incompetence of generals both escalated casualties as well as created a more important part of naval rivalry, whereby delivers were more quickly and secretly sunk, and battles were decided more decisively.

How did the federal government create household support pertaining to the battle? Do you consider the United States could have avoided direct involvement in WWI? Explain.

Although in the beginning opposed to a military build up, by the end of 1915 Wilson came to support preparedness for war, as well as the ideology of producing the world secure for democracy, combined with trust that the administration was not pro-war by nature, rallied support in America against supposedly militarist Germany – an country whose refusal to stop targeting American ships via submarines further incited tensions and made Americans prepared to buy conflict cabbage rather than sauerkraut, and also liberty you possess to finance the battle. Earlier diplomatic intervention prior to conflict broke out in Europe, or better neutrality may well have prevented the need for this kind of direct participation, but items had gone too far.

What part did European imperialism be in the reasons for the beginning of WWI?

With no colonial conflicts between the Western european powers, plus the secret treaties used to transfuse security, and the breakup with the Ottoman Empire, the pushes of imperialism exacerbated the tensions that gave go up to the European conflict.

Just how did WWI affect African-Americans and competition relations?

African-Americans were strengthened by their valorous participation in the war, but

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