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Why is Ft Sumner signi? cant in relation to the Civil War? 2 . List advantages held by the Confederates at the start of the Civil War? three or more. List advantages held by the Union at the outset of the Municipal War?

4. Identify a copperhead. five. Identify writ of habeas corpus. Why did Leader Lincoln hang this throughout the war? 6th. What had been the three parts to the Union military technique known as the serpent plan?

7. Why was your confederate General Stonewall Knutson successful with the? rst Battle of Bull Run? almost eight. Identify Union General, George McClellan 9. What was the objective of the Emancipation Proclamation? zero. Describe our economy of the north during the Civil War.

10. List hardships experienced simply by soldiers through the Civil Conflict? 12. Precisely what is Andersonville? 13.

Who do President Lincoln subsequently name as commandeer of union soldiers from 1864 to the end of the battle? 14. Why did General William Sherman burn metropolis of Atl in 1864? 15. Discover Sherman’s 03 to the Sea.

16. Illustrate total war 17. What did the Democratic platform consist of during the presidential election of 1864? 18. Exactly why is Appomattox Courthouse signi? cant during the Municipal War? nineteen.

Who was the President of the United States throughout the Civil Warfare? 20. How did Steve Wilkes Sales space impact a brief history of the United States? 21. Identify the Battle of Shiloh. 22. Identify the Battle of Atlanta. 23. Identify the Battle of Antietam. twenty four. Identify the Battle of Gettysburg. twenty-five. Identify the Battle of Vicksburg. twenty six.

List qualities of the Civil War. 28. What was the reason for the Gettysburg Addresses? 28. Who had been the Chief executive of the Confederate States of America? twenty nine.

List qualities of the Union. 30. That which was the signi? cance from the 54th Massachusetts during the Civil War? 31. List qualities for Abraham Lincoln. 32. Know general facts about the Civil Battle.

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