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Excerpt from Exploration Paper:

Terrorist Group Organization

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For many years now, terrorists have made make use of terror like a tool to advance their goal; be it spiritual, political, or perhaps economic. Recently, particularly considering that the September eleven terror problems, the battle with global fear has gone a notch bigger. This has largely involved improved cooperation between countries (especially with regard to brains gathering and sharing), joint military efforts, and initiatives to block the financing of terror. It can be, however , essential to note that all of the efforts targeted at reining in on terror must focus on proper knowledge of how horror groups work, i. electronic. terrorist group organization. This kind of discussion is going to concern by itself with part 7 with the recommended text. The said chapter can be titled, Terrorist Group Business.


Like most organized crime formations, all terrorist groups have common characteristics. As an example, in addition in order to use of assault to advance all their agenda, terrorist groups largely thrive in media protection or focus. In most cases, also, they are extremely well structured and obtain their support from key quarters which may include, but are not limited to, state celebrities. In aiming to assess the data presented in chapter eight by the publisher of this particular text, it could be prudent to make use of a real life dread formation. The terrorist group of choice can, in this case always be, al-Qaeda.

Conversation: Terrorist Group Organization

Some of the characteristics distributed by most terrorist groupings, according to Nance (2008, p. 67-68), include, but they are not limited to; “terrorists make use of violence, terrorists operate in all of the environments, terrorists operate discreetly, terrorists in many cases are well organized, terrorists act intentionally, terrorists make use of high flexibility, terrorists employ short-duration firepower or effects, terrorists are media reliant. ” These are the characteristics that is applied to al-Qaeda in an attempt to determine the viability of the author’s assertions.

Zero modern day horror formation may outshine al-Qaeda when it comes to the use of violence as a instrument of dread. In addition to attacking armed service targets in diverse configurations, this particular dread group has also been involved in the chaotic attacks of innocent people. Its many successful and maybe best known violent attack was the September 11 attack that led to the death of thousands of blameless civilians. It is also important to be aware that al-Qaeda procedures are global – it largely are operating in all environments; from Somali villages (in East Africa) to the mountainous Afghanistan regions to U. S. towns. The functions of this particular terror development are also largely secretive or perhaps covert. Secrecy is extremely important to al-Qaida as this is what permits it to launch problems without early on detection. As an example, nobody noticed the September 11 episodes coming.

Al-Qaeda has for a while also been really well-organized. This can be particularly the circumstance given that the group has a definite organizational structure with clear command. Before having been killed in the infamous navy blue SEAL harm, Osama Rubbish bin Laden have been the leader of this terrorist development for several many years. During this time, Bin Laden, who have also had a deputy, was your face of the organization, often proclaiming responsibility intended for attacks executed by the group. The nature and scale of attacks this specific terror formation has carried out in the past is likewise a pointer to a well-organized formation.

The actions of al-Qaeda have also been largely deliberate, particularly provided that the group has frequently claimed responsibility for most of its disorders. The fact that the group contains a cause for which usually it fights for is usually an indicator of the strategic nature of its problems.

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