Then there is the problem of characterizing Islam since peaceful and doing so beneath duress. That is certainly, when you are staying pursued and hounded simply by people who brand you since totally reasonless and uncontrollably violent.

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So , you have a knee-jerk response, purely protective and purely self-protective and blurt out that you are a peaceful religion. And you are absolutely and one hundred percent proper in saying that. For, Islam is all about tranquility and truth and proper rights and amazing advantages and consideration. But that is not what your accusers and tormenters are saying. They can be pointing to any or all the assault that is going on in different parts of the Muslim globe, violence in which Muslims are involved in one way or another, and saying that it is all Islam’s fault.

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But what some of these people conveniently ignore is that there are all kinds of history factors and conditions t violence in individuals, groups, nations and societies. They will forget that peace is definitely one condition of human being life and reality. One other is conflict, disturbance, fighting, turmoil and discord. A third truth of human being life is force.

Peace is the perfect state where we all aspire and toward which we all work. Strife is the miserable and ominous reality by which human a lot more all too often hooked. Legitimate, lawful and societally sanctioned force is the device that people have devised for lessening and managing strife and then for maximizing peacefulness. The foundation of true and lasting tranquility on earth and any culture is rights, love, consideration, integrity, real truth, reasonableness and sound values.

Where this kind of foundation can be absent or perhaps weak, and where people’s most basic requirements and legitimate privileges and goals are not met, and are constantly and blatantly denied, likelihood of stable and lasting tranquility are reduced or sacrificed. All too often, then simply, those who have recently been systematically rejected their fundamental and legitimate rights, and who also are not allowed by nations around the world, societies and governments virtually any rightful alternative to the redress of their lawful grievances, start to resort to push and assault as a musical instrument of capacity their domination, subjugation and exploitation simply by others and then for the amelioration of their circumstance. There are all sorts of university ebooks, full of all kinds of theories, that explain for what reason and how people develop violent tendencies and behavior.

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