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Conceptualizing Boko Haram is usually challenging, demanding a complex theoretical platform. Boko Haram did not come out out of your vacuum. It is hypothesized that Boko Haram has been influenced by other radical groups as well as trans-national religious extremism. Moreover, it truly is hypothesized that Boko Haram functions like a political opposition group. The theoretical construction used to characterize the politics function and focus of Boko Haram is based on social indifference and specially the Frustration-Aggression assumptive framework because suggested by simply Omadjohwoefe (2013). Frustration-Aggression theory is related to issue theory, because systematic indifference and oppression lead to widespread frustration and despair, and the outlet for that despair is usually violence. Physical violence has been normalized within the context of quasi-religious ideology, which usually simultaneously claims to correct corruption inside the government and replace the current regime with one that claims to encourage the disenfranchised elements of Nigerian society. In addition, the reliant variable in the research will be related to the Nigerian economic climate. As a terrorist organization using destruction of public facilities as a military tactic, Boko Haram undermines the very causes it looks for to maintain: the economic uplifting with the people. Using these theoretical frameworks, the study will recognize some of the causes of Boko Haram with the objective of discovering the most smart solutions.


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Quasi-Experimental Study Design

A quasi-experimental research style is trial and error and checks a causal hypothesis, although lacks the strict handles of randomly assignment (Trochim, 2006). With all the dependent changing as a fiscal equation, it is possible to conduct a quasi-experimental design when the effects of Boko Haram within the Nigerian economy can be postulated. A regression discontinuity design and style or a propensity score matching method are both quasi-experimental design methods which can be used for this study (White Sabarwal, 2014). Mainly because regression discontinuity is best for research like this concerning retrospective data, it may be the perfect method. Once we study the regional and international affects on Boko Haram, we could also use a quasi-experimental design and style. It is possible to examine the causal effects of major insurgency on Boko Haram versus groupings in other countries, or examine the differential effects of radical insurgency on numerous communities in Northern Nigeria.

Advantages and Limitations

The primary limitation to using the quasi-experimental method in this instance is interior validity, because there is no genuine control group and there is zero random job. While studying the monetary impacts of Boko Haram, it is extremely hard to know the actual Nigerian economy might have appeared as if had the terrorist organization never

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