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European Union, Karl Marx, Growth Strategy, International Terrorism


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This was one of the elements that generated the foundation with the EU, little, less effective nations combined in an effort to gain and maintain power in a collective efforts (Tyldesley). Consequently , in the “Five Lenses” and especially so in the matter of EU, power is in substance the coin of the dominion. In other words, devoid of holding a superior position in front of large audiences, class composition would not actually help virtually any coalition, since the ability to leverage into more lucrative relationships would not exist.

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Risk- Any cabale is extremely risky; referring returning to the earlier elements, there is the chance of losing electrical power or appearing out of the collaborative effort worse off than when the work was created.

Risk being understood, when looking at the parti that has become known as the EUROPEAN is extremely high-risk, especially when a single considers the turbulent and violent previous of The european union as a whole.

Structure- Class composition is a great often forgotten, but perhaps the most important facet of the Five Lens Theory. Within this structure, a coalition must run and therefore, the structure need to, quite virtually, be strong enough to “hold” the cabale in its present state, also to be able to support future development. The EUROPEAN is undoubtedly suffering from growing aches and pains due to a great often murky structure (Brittan). Going forward, it will probably be extremely important to get the EUROPEAN UNION to form composition from an efficient strategic organizing viewpoint. Although it is difficult for the future to become predicted, the EU, with wise organizing of approach, can maintain an inner structure that promotes exterior growth.

Timeframe- it is estimated that in least a dozen countries will join the EU within the next 10 years or so, in part because affiliate nations in the EU enjoy a wide range of benefits which are significant in a contemporary world that may be threatened by international terrorism, war, and economic/political instability. Most significant benefits of getting started with the EU, and which expansion from the EU would seem to enlarge are free motion of goods/services/people/capital, stable value structures, and internal and external security. Also, a move is usually underway to boost social conditions, employment prospects, and professional conditions to get citizens of member countries (Springer). Through these rewards, the EU hopes to produce an environment of robust economic activity, an excellent quality of life for employees and their households, and a guarantee that the widespread terrorism which includes dominated the earth stage recently will diminish.


Europe is a amazing coalition, both equally within the variables of the “Five Lenses” and beyond. In conclusion, what ought to be understood regarding the EUROPEAN UNION is that within it lives the power to flourish or fail. Only time is going to tell which will direction the coalition usually takes, but something is for sure- the “Five Lenses” hypotheses will always apply.

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