Accident illness and emergency insurance plan for

The safety of kids in my care is vital and it is my policy to adopt necessary procedure for keep kids safe if they are in my treatment. I will enhance good health, prevents accidents and take steps to stop the propagate of health issues and disease. I have a responsibility to all kids in my proper care to ensure that a safe and healthy and balanced environment is provided all the time.


I maintain contact details of fogeys (or an additional appropriate person, such as grandparent) at all times, offered by parents and stored firmly within the kid’s records.

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I maintain written agreement from each one of the children’s parents in the kid’s record form files to enable me to seek emergency treatment for their kid if it’s required.

As a listed childminder We am instructed to notify Ofsted of any kind of serious accidents, illnesses or perhaps injuries of any child whilst within my care within 14 days of your incident happening.

I will ensure that my domestic pets are safe to get around children and do not present a well being risk.


As a listed childminder, I am lawfully required to have got a valid first aid certificate. This enables me to manage basic first aid treatment, and my first-aid boxes will be clearly labelled and easily accessible and are trapped in the outside and inside play-room’s.

Parents are asked to sign an accident book if accidental injuries occur while in my care. Also when a child will need to come into my care with an injury of any kind, the parent will be asked to sign the book revealing the personal injury. Parent/guardian will probably be contacted quickly. I will use my ideal judgement as to how various other children will probably be looked after. It would be easiest consulted regarding this by mobile phone. There is a father or mother ring circular provision in the event of an emergency to inform all parents of children underneath my proper care.

If an crash or incident involving a kid in my attention may result within an insurance claim I will speak to my general public liability insurance provider to discuss my own case and stay allocated a claim amount. This may entail discussing information on the child in my care with a third party.


In the event of a major accident whilst the child is in my own care, Let me:

¢ cope with any minor accidents.

¢ record all information, including titles of witness(es), in the car accident book.

¢ request father and mother, on obtaining the child as well as children, to sign the accident publication and look at the information about the incident.

¢If I am unable to acquire parents or perhaps other named appropriate mature, he/she will certainly immediately be taken to see a doctor at Bishops Waltham Well being Centre ” or medical center if necessary and I will stay till parent occurs

In the event of an accident in the home:

¢ Father and mother must notify me of any accident at home and record that in the car accident at home part of the accident book.

Further remark of damage on a kid which has not been reported to me by the parent neither occurred whilst in my attention, parents will probably be asked for information about the episode and advised to write in the back of the accident book.

In the case of me staying subject to an accident:

If I have an accident, I will find the nearest accountable adult to assist, while my personal emergency back-up people are getting contacted.

Let me do my best at all times to make sure the youngsters in my care are safe, reassured and stored calm.


I will perform everything I am able to to take care of your kids if they are feeling unwell by comforting them and providing them with appropriate remedies you have approved and have signed a declaration permitting me to administer.

Basically am in need of support or perhaps advice relating to a serious illness or incident involving a child in my care I may contact National Childminding Association that will log info regarding the incident with regard to their safeguarding policy. A NCMA designated police officer will be assigned to my own case and all the information provided to them will be kept confidentially unless their very own appear is usually to be a child safety issue which will be reported consequently.


You should inform myself if your child has been sick overnight and also the previous day. I might have other children I was taking care of and need to ensure your child does not have an infectious health issues.

Medicines will probably be kept within a safe place and will be logged in the ‘medicine book’.

Yet , if you child arrives sick, I will have a decision whether or not the child is usually fit to go to or not. If not, the mother or father will be asked to take your child home.

If the child turns into ill although in my treatment, I will:

1 . Contact you for contract to administer ‘calpol’ (if ideal and agreed) and if your son or daughter remains sick after one hour you will be asked to collect your kids and generate a doctors appointment.

2 . You will be needed to keep your child at home until they are recovered so that your kid can be cared for on a one to one basis at home.

3. In the pursuing circumstances kids may be necessary to stay at home: Diarrhoea and/or throwing up, a rash, conjunctivitis.

4. Merely am unable to get hold of parents or different named suitable adult, he will instantly be taken to see a doctor by Bishops Waltham Health Center ” or perhaps hospital if possible and I will stay until parent or guardian arrives

Infectious illness:

In the event of your child contracting chicken-pox, mumps, measles etc, or maybe a fever or temperature of 101 deg Fahrenheit, or perhaps 38 deg centigrade or higher your child will not be able to enroll in under my care and must continue to be at home.


Parent/guardian will be contacted right away. In the event of an accident requiring hospital treatment, I will try to inform the fogeys immediately and take the child to medical center. I will stay with the child before the parents turn up.


Like a registered Child-Minder and educated paediatric initial aider, I will ensure that the best treatment is given or put to work for your child in my care; nevertheless if I have an overabundance than 1 child during my care, I will use my personal best thinking as to how other kids will be maintained. Initial action will be confirming the occurrence to the mother or father by phone. We practice a parent engagement ring round supply in the event of an urgent situation to inform most parents of kids under my care.

If perhaps parents tend not to arrive or perhaps I are unable to speak to them, I will stay with your child until the appropriate treatment has been produced and then come back home exactly where your child would be cared for until the arrival from the parent


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