Presidetial political election 2000

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The two key candidates intended for the political election of 2150 are George W. Rose bush and Al Gore. Approach Gore, of course , being the existing Vice President.

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I have under no circumstances been into the whole politics game. But , know that We am 18 years old I believe I should start paying more attention to political problems. I dont know easily am going to election this year, and if I did I dont understand who We would vote for. I really dont find out much about either canditate.

Almost all I know is that Gore is usually Vice President to Clinton, and all know how most people feel about Clinton. To ensure that me to produce a judgment on who I will vote for I want to know wherever each canditate satnds in different politics issues. A number of the issues I am covering happen to be abortion, criminal offenses, drugs, education, environment, and gun control. These are the issues I i am most considering, and I would like a president who agrees with me on a very good portion of these issues.

To start off, I am going to point out where My spouse and i stand to each of the isssues. I then is going to sate where each usa president canditate stands on each concern. The 1st topic I would like to discuss can be abortion. Child killingilligal baby killing is sort of a big point to me.

I am one of those who will be against child killingilligal baby killing. I feel illigal baby killing is kind of like murder. I understand it is easy for me to say that child killingilligal baby killing is wrong, because I use never become a girl pregnant before. I understand that some tees make a few mistakes and want to right those mistakes.

However I feel even more people ought to stand up for mistakes and take a lot of action. Instead of having the baby aborted, the parents should place the child up for adoption. Imagine if that youngster was going to think of a cure intended for cancer? I actually bet the parents would not need o end the child then simply. Abortion is usually one area I agree with Rose bush.

Bush wants to lessen the amount of abortions given out the whole year. Bush also desires to turn the choice of having abortions over to the state of hawaii. Gore, on the other hand, wants to keep the choice in the womans side. He seems it is approximately her to determine whether or not to have abortion.

Gore as well wants medicare insurance to pay for abortions. I feel that it is totally incorrect for the federal government to support the murder of your unborn child. I have to say that I was a little disappointed that not canditate can be taking a direct stand against abortion. Even though I agree with Bush a lot more than Gore I feel both applicants are trying to steer around the abortion topic.

The next issue I would like to discuss is criminal offenses. As we all know criminal offense is a serious problem in our country. I am in favor of increasing the funding to boost police officers spend and to raise the overall bettering of policing across the country. I feel police officers are exceedingly under taken care of the jobs that they do.

Crime is definitely one issue I agree with Gore in. Gore desires to intensify the fight against crime. He wants to add 50000 even more police towards the streets over the following 10 years. Bush on the other hand couldnt have excessive in speaking out against crimes.

Both individuals support obtaining the death fees. But , just Gore states that he wants to have the death fees for the killing of the federal officer. I like that idea because it shows that Gore is going to shield his own. The next concern I am going to discuss ties along with the previous concern of offense, drugs.

Drugs are a huge issue right now within our society. Just about everyone I know has been doing a drug at some point within their lives. I understand growing in Chicago I ran across a lot of people with a drug problem. But , it is not only in the city where drug employ occurs.

It happens in the suburbs, the farms, and everywhere different. The fight against medicines is an area I feel the two candidates will need to concentrate. Since almost at any time family features probably been touched by a drug trouble. Gore and Bush the two feel similar in the drug policy.

Both applicants want to toughen the war against drugs. They will both need to concentrate more hard work on preventing drug transportation from Republic of colombia. One thing I prefer about Gore is that he admitted to using weed when he was younger. This kind of shows me that he is an honest and open guy.

I don’t feel persons should evaluate him within this because almost everybody has tried marijuana eventually. Another theme I would like to touch up on is that of education. I feel the training in our nation could use some tuning up. We can accomplish this with the addition of additional money to the community school systems.

Specifically, the public school systems inside the cities. Personally i think the government will not pay enough attention to some of these schools simply because they are not in good neighborhoods. Gore wants to add 170 billion dollars dollars in funding to schools over the following 10 years. He also wants to add two million professors in the next ten years.

Bush wants to add 400 , 000, 000 to after school assignments and this individual wants to put money to help pay for more teachers. A very important factor I love about Gore is the fact he is in favor of letting college students do non-reflex prayer at school. It sickens me once i hear that prayer have been banned in school. It is this sort of a terrible point to bar religion since God is definitely the center of so many people lives.

One thing I actually am happy to see equally presidents ranking for is much better funding for college students. The two candidates want to make it easier for a university student to attend college or university. They do this by simply easing the requirements about getting a financial loan, and by adding more money in the scholarship pool. Gore really wants to reduce course sizes so the students can learn easier.

I feel both applicants are for bettering universities it just may seem like Gore would like it a little more than Bush. ] My subsequent topic of preference is going to be those of Environment. I understand tree huggers and hippies is what people think of whenever they hear environment. But , the surroundings has got to be probably the most important concern of this years coming political election.

We could living in in the past it was people are in fact questioning when we are going to be used up of normal resources. What would happen if the world sold out of olive oil? How far back would that set vehicles and the economy? The first time ever these are generally issues that are going to have to be regarded. Look at how are ozone will go. From what I hear we have a huge tear up toward Anartica.

I can just imagine what would happen into a person living near generally there. For all these reasons I need a chief executive that is truly concerned with our environment. In exploring Gore I came across that he wants to commit more in clean drinking water, air, and land. Which is wonderful, mainly because we all know just how sad it really is for people never to have clean drinking water.

We can simply hope each of our next chief executive will help those in tose poor counties without clen drinking water. Other items gore said was that this individual wants to support safe the rain forest. Obivously, another good thing because we require the virgin forest to breathe. Finally, Gore wants to business lead a global environment movement.

I feel Gore has Bush beaten inside the environmental problems. Because the just significantly big thing I could locate on Bush was the fact that he wished to spend money aid national theme parks

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