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Christianity, Islam and Judaism, are the planet’s greatest monotheist faiths. These faiths incorporate some similarities and differences. From this paper analysis of precisely what is common among Islam, Judaism and Christianity is analyzed at an specific level. Islam is the world’s largest religious beliefs after Christianity. It is a monotheistic faith that traces the roots at the center East. Many of its practices and beliefs are likeness with Christianity and Judaism. Judaism, Islam and Christianity, are referred collectively since “Abrahamic religion since their particular history could possibly be traced to God’s covenant with Abraham in the Hebrews Bible.

It truly is believed that Prophet Muhammad met Christians and Jews in his lifetime and as such Islam has come into contact with identical monotheistic made use of throughout their history (Paterson 216). The subsequent paragraphs give the differences and similarities among Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It gives a detailed analysis of statistics, history, religious beliefs and beginning of the best monotheistic faiths.

The adherents of Christianity, Judaism and Islam correspondingly are 2billion Christians, 16 million Jews and over one billion Muslims.

When compared to other faiths in the world, Christianity is the greatest faith, then simply Islam and Judaism positions 12 among world faiths. The major concentration of Islam is Southern region East Asia and Middle East. Judaism concentration is in America, Europe and Israel. Christianity contains a fast progress in The african continent, Europe, North and South America. Islam’s holy text is definitely the Koran, intended for the Jews it is the scriptures and the Christians it is the Jewish bible as well as the New Testament. Other written authorities simply by these faiths are: hadith for the Muslims, Midrash, Talmud and Responsa to get the Jews. The Christians consider especially the Catholics consider church local authorities, papal decrees, church fathers as having written expert. The three religions both have spiritual law (Catherwood 192). Pertaining to the Christians, it is the Rule law, to get Muslim it is the sharia rules, for Jews it is the Halakhah. Another likeness amongst the three faiths is a presence of the clergy. For the Muslims the clergy is made up of imams, the Jews have rabbis and the Christian’s clergy consists of the priests, ministers, bishops and pastors. The three faiths both have a house of worship. The Jews worship with the synagogue, the Muslims on the mosque and Christians at the church, tall or chapel. Christianity, Islam and Judaism also have a likeness in the sense they have a specific day of praise. Christians praise on On the, Muslim about Friday and Jews about Saturday. Pertaining to church and state, Islam the faith is built-in to the point out while, pertaining to Christianity and Judaism, it really is separate.

Intended for the origin and history of these kinds of faiths, Islam was founded in 622 CE, Christianity in c. 33 CE and the dates pertaining to beginning of Judaism are still unknown. Judaism and Christianity were founded in Palestine while Islam was founded in Saudi Arabia. Equally faiths had founders. The founder of Christianity is Jesus, to get Islam it can be Muhammad and for Judaism it really is Moses or perhaps Abraham. Both faiths provide an original language. The original terminology of Islam was Arabic, for Judaism it was Hebrew and for Christianity, it was Aramaic and Traditional. Both faiths had an early on expansion program. For Islam, in 12 years, the entire Persia Peninsula had Islam and a century, Islamism stretched throughout the Atlantic to China.

Judaism had small expansion that was limited to the Palestine regions only. In 60 years, Christianity had expanded together churches in cities in Turkey, Ancient rome, Palestine and Greek; by the 4th hundred years their development was over the entire Roman Empire. An additional similarity between the three faiths is the key splits factors. In Islam, the break up was in 600 CE between the Shia and Sunni. Intended for Judaism, in the 1800s VOTRE the split was between the Reform and Orthodox. Amongst the Christians, the splits were two in1054 CE numerous catholic and orthodox and in1500s CE amongst the catholic and Protestants.

Similarity could also be made within the religious beliefs amongst Christian believers, Islam and Judaism. Pertaining to Islam and Judaism, they are strictly monotheist while Christian believers are Trinitarian monotheist (David 37). An additional common attribute in the opinion system of three faiths is definitely the ultimate fact where Christianity, Judaism and Islam have one God. The three faiths have names intended for God. Muslims refer to Him as Jahve which is Persia for Our god. Jews make reference to Him since Yahweh and Elohim when Christians refer to him while the holy trinity and Yahweh.

The three faiths both equally believe in different spiritual creatures like pertaining to the Islam, they have devils, angels and jinn. The Jews and Christians possess demons and angels. One other common feature of the three faiths faith based beliefs are definitely the revered individuals. The Shia Muslims have got prophets and imams while the Jews have prophets. The Christians possess saints and church dads. The spiritual views from the three faiths on the Jesus Christ’s identification are different and similar in some way. The Muslim believes that He is God’s true prophet whose communication has been damaged. The Jews consider him a false prophet while the Christian believers believe he is the son of God, the world’s messiah and The almighty incarnate.

The Christians and Muslims imagine the birthday of Jesus was a virgin delivery while the Jew believes it absolutely was just a regular birth. The Christians and Jews assume that Jesus perished by crucifixion on the combination while the Muslims believe This individual did not expire but ascended into bliss during crucifixion. On the revival of Jesus, the Muslims and Jews denied that while the Christians affirm that. On the second coming of Jesus, the Muslims and Christians confirmed it while the Jews refuse it. The three faiths also have a similarity with regards to divine revelation where the Muslims believe it is through Muhammad as written in the Quran. The Jews believe that through prophets as created in the scriptures and the Christians through prophets and Jesus as drafted in the holy book. Another similarity of the three faiths in religious philosophy is their very own views on the sacred text message.

The Christian believers and the Muslims believe that the sacred textual content is influenced, and it is the literal term of God and some imagine inerrant in original different languages. For Judaism, the views vary. The three faiths also have a similarity upon human nature. The Jews and Muslims consider on the equal ability for humans to accomplish right or evil as the Christians consider on the unique sin coming from Adam around the tendency towards evil.

Another outstanding similarity amongst the three faiths is the religious idea on way of salvation. They each believe that way to salvation is a through righteous deeds. Yet , some Christian believers believe in sacraments while the Protestants believe the means to solution is through faith just (David 307). They also have a similarity on God’s part in solution. The Muslims and Christian believers believe it is the predestination while the Jews believe that it is the work revelation and forgiveness. The religious belief of Christian believers and Muslims on the great afterlife is similar as they rely on eternal haven while the Jews views differ as it is possibly no afterlife or bliss. On bad afterlife, Christians and Muslim believe in endless hell. Pertaining to Catholics, consider in non permanent purgatory. The views of Jews on the bad remainder vary from, reincarnation, eternal Gehenna or no afterlife. The view of the three faiths on many other Abrahamic beliefs is similar and positive. The Muslims believe that Christians and Jews happen to be people of the publication and are well known but have incomplete revelations and wrong beliefs. The Jews believe that Christianity and Islam are fake interpretation of Judaism. Christian believers, on the other hand, believe that Islamism is known as a false faith and Judaism has phony interpretation nevertheless is a the case religion.

Both equally Christians and Muslims believe in the presence of the clergy. The Muslim local clergy is made up of imams while that of Christians comprises of bishops, ministers, priests and pastors. The two religions include a house of worship. Muslims worship on the mosque although Christians worship in a chapel, chapel or cathedral. Equally Muslims and Christians include a specific day time set aside intended for worship (Novak, 2001). Most Christians praise on Sunday or Sat, while the Islamic day of worship is definitely Friday. The Islamic religious beliefs is integrated to the state while regarding Christianity is definitely separate. Muhammad is thought to be the creator of the Islamic religion as the founder of Christianity is usually Jesus. The original language employed by Muslims was Arabic and this of Christian believers was Aramaic and Ancient greek language. The two religions concur for the perspective of human nature whereby Muslims rely on the similar ability pertaining to humans to perform right or evil as the Christians imagine on the initial sin coming from Adam on the trend to evil.

Islam and Christianity have specific religious values that are diverse. Muslims happen to be strictly monotheist while Christian believers are Trinitarian monotheist. Both religions possess a common feature in the idea system while evidenced by way of a ultimate fact and worship for one supernatural being-God. The sole difference is the name they use to get God. The Muslim name for Goodness is Kristus which is Persia for Our god and that of Christians is the Holy Trinity or Yahweh. Another similarity of the two religions in religious values is their views on the sacred text. The Christians and the Muslims believe that the sacred text message is encouraged, and it is the truthful term of The almighty and some believe that inerrant in original different languages

Another spectacular similarity between the Christians, Muslims and Jews is rituals. All the 3 faiths conduct rituals to adjust to in their faiths. In Christianity, amongst the Catholics, there is the sacrament, which includes the Holy Eucharist and Baptism. In Both roman Catholicism, additional rituals will be included like: Confirmation, Penance, Holy Instructions, Marriages and Anointment with the sick. Prayer is a portion of the faith also. In Islamism, there are five fundamental rituals considered as the pillars of Islam. They will include the Shaddah which is the faith profession, salat which can be five times daily prayer, zakat which is alms giving, sawm which is as well as in Ramadan and hajj that is the pilgrimage to Great place.

The Jewish rituals range from the circumcision of recent born men, bar mitzvah that is a wedding ceremony celebrating the adulthood of Jewish males and shabat which is Sabbath observation. The religious sights of the 3 faiths around the Jesus Christ’s identity are very different and related in some way. The Muslim thinks that He can God’s accurate prophet whose message have been corrupted (Catherwood 192). The Jews consider him a false prophet as the Christians imagine he is the child of Goodness, the planet’s savior and God incarnate. The Christian believers and Muslims believe the birth of Christ was a virgin birth while the Jew feels it was simply a normal birth. The Christian believers and Jews believe that Jesus died by crucifixion for the cross as the Muslims believe that He would not die but ascended in to heaven during crucifixion. Within the resurrection of Jesus, the Muslims and Jews rejected it even though the Christians prove it. Around the second approaching of Christ, the Muslims and Christian believers affirmed it while the Jews deny this. The three faiths also have a likeness in terms of divine revelation the place that the Muslims believe it is through Muhammad as drafted in the Quran. The Jews believe through prophets as written in the bible and the Christians through prophets and Jesus since written in the bible. To conclude, most believers in the current globe still have zero precise basis for their philosophy. It is important for both Muslims and Christian believers to have appear knowledge and perspectives in their beliefs. It is because there have been a large number of attempts to redefine religious beliefs to fit nowadays in this social daily activities.


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