arizona memorial turning point of all time essay


We all chose the topic by looking into making a list of possible topics that interested us and looking with the topics that were suggested by simply our educator. We after that researched a bit, reading ebooks and content about different topics and events that happened in history. We finally decided on The Attack of Pearl Harbor, because it interested us the most. I began my own research simply by going to the catalogue to find out as much information about Japan and America during that time.

Then, i actually began to search on the internet for particular documents that gave information on the attack on Arizona memorial.

After that, i actually began to check out video and other primary origin documents. As a result, my task began to evolve. The road to war involving the United States of America and Japan started on the amaze aerial attack on the United States Navy bottom in Arizona memorial on January 7th 1941. This was the first thing that brought the may United States in to the Second World War Contact between the two countries begun to detireate inside the early 1930’s when Asia started to become intense in Asia, mainly in Manchuria in 1931 and attempted to start overcoming the rest of China in to 1937.

The japanese in 1940 decided to allied itself with the “Axis with countries like Germany. This made all of us extremely enthusiastic about the topic After deciding on the topic of The Attack Of Arizona memorial, we explored more concerning this event simply by going to the collection, researching online, reading ebooks, reading articles or blog posts, watching movies, and looking by pictures as a result day. There were many main and secondary sources concerning this topic, which usually made it better to research.

There are also many pictures, which has been surprising looking at this event took place in 1941. All of us decided to perform a website to get our History fair project. Once we identified our subject we recognized it would be very difficult to find a while to meet up and work with the task, that’s once we thought to execute a website. It might easy for both of us to access, since both of us have pcs at home. As well we don’t have to always meet up to focus on it.

Thus giving us equally more time to add more information to our website and make it better. The project regarding Pearl Harbor relates to the Countrywide History Time theme of 2012, turning points in history, for the reason that attack on its own was a level within a level. World Conflict 2 was obviously a turning point in our history as it helped to quit communism as well as the spreading of Adolf Hitler’s power. Plus the Attack of Pearl Harbor is actually a turning point inside the war, the purpose when the Usa decided to be a part of the conflict.

Before the bombs hit all of us, we wanted to avoid the war. Nevertheless after The japanese mercilessly bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii islands, we knew it was time to try to stop the axis powers. With out this strike, we wouldn’t have joined the conflict, and the battle wouldn’t possess affected us. And without the bombing, the axis power probably would’ve had a potential for winning, so the US joining the conflict was a big turning point.


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