a comparison study of stream of consciousness


The Jilting of Granny Weatherall

Miss Brill and Nana Weatherall

Katherine Mansfield’s short account “Miss Brill” is created in third person omniscient. The story ciel over 1 Sunday afternoon. Katharine Bea Porter’s short story “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” is also told in the course of about a day but is told within a variant of third person called stream of consciousness. Stream of consciousness gives things experiencing the characters’ mind. The protagonists of “Miss Brill” and “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” are similar inside the same methods they are different.

Miss Brill is known as a lonely girl who looks forward to spending her Sundays inside the Jardins Publique. She is located in her “special” seat eavesdropping. This is certainly her get away from the your life she has. The girl likes to think your woman and everyone in the park on Sundays happen to be part of a play but also in reality, she actually is a part of practically nothing. Sundays and her fox fur coat happen to be two of the few points that make her happy. She’s quite uncomfortable to tell her English learners how the girl spends her Sunday afternoons

Granny Weatherall is a opposite of lonely nevertheless more like smothered. The Doctor will not likely leave her only, her child won’t leave her side, and Father Connolly comes to check out.

Miss Brill is fairly happy with the life span she fantasizes for their self. She is not at all in touch with reality. She thinks of the others who come to lay on the benches on Sunday as, “They were peculiar, silent, almost all old, and from the approach they looked they appeared as though that they had just result from dark very little rooms or even”even cabinets! ” (Mansfield, 102)

Granny Weatherall is fairly bitter in order to back on her behalf life and realizing how many of her loved ones experienced did her wrong. George was her fiance who also left her at the ara. She then married Ruben who perished young and remaining her to learn the part of dad and mom. Cornelia, gran Weatherall’s little girl treats her like a kid. She appreciates the reality of all things that has took place to her.

Though Miss Brill and Granny Weatherall seem to lead absolute several lives they are both very observant women. Miss Brill was quite observant on her Saturday afternoons in the park. The girl sat in her “special” seat and observe every thing and everyone. The girl could detect any minor change from last Sundays evening. “Wasn’t the conductor within a new cover, too? ” (Mansfield, 101).

Gran Weatherall is at touch with reality whilst Miss Brill fantasizes up a life on her Saturday afternoons to forget about everything else. Miss Brill is lonely while Gran Weatherall is usually overwhelmed with company. One main characteristic the two protagonists have in common is usually their observant eye. Ultimately Miss Brill and Nana Weatherall have more differences then simply similarities.

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