1984 essay topics

1984 novel

1984 is a book written by George Orwell that refers to a dystopian society ruled by a single party that seeks nothing except for electricity. This bit of literature was revolutionary at the period and inspired many authors in the future.

In his novel, Orwell has successfully depicted the moot battle of personality and governmental systems. An authoritarian state restricts the right to individuality and this means that the individual will lose themselves. The significance of”1984″ would be to demonstrate a world which has evolved to tyranny and to describe its total discrepancy from present social norms, values, and much more. One other dystopia exaggerates the narrative to make people consider the future and what will occur if we do not change the present circumstance. “1984” has been prohibited for many years in the Soviet Union and the United States. Now it’s among the list of top hundred best novels. Until now, this novel continues to excite the minds of the general public, inspiring musicians and artists.

Not surprisingly, the 1984 book is extremely popular now. His study is included in the college program of many nations, therefore it’s not surprising that students frequently have to write essays on the subject of the publication. The publication covers a number of deep topics, so it can be hard for students to select or invent a theme for a composition.

Topics to a analytical essay on 1984

We have established the following set of essay topics such as”1984″ by George Orwell to inspire you with ideas to your prospective essay:

  • The Annals of George Orwell
  • 1984: The Supreme Parody of this Utopian
  • Class Conflict: Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984
  • Class Ties: The Dealings of Human Nature Depicted through Social Courses in 1984
  • Freud’s Effect on 1984
  • Imagery of Totalitarianism in Nineteen Eighty-Four
  • Techniques of Control in 1984 and Brave New World
  • Versions of Rebellion in 1984 and V for Vendetta
  • O’Brien’s Moral Dehumanization: Villainy in”1984″
  • Orwell’s Language: Thought Control
  • Power and Emotion in Orwell’s 1984
  • Pursuit of Truth in 1984
  • Rebellion Across Media: Analyzing”1984″ and”Metropolis”
  • Selfishness and Survival in The Handmaid’s Tale and 1984S
  • Sex as Rebellion
  • The Currency of Ability at 1984
  • The Feminist Lens: Sexism at Dystopian Literature
  • The Freedom to Be Dominated: A Historical Comparison of 1984 to Communist Russia
  • The Impossibility of Redemption to Winston Smith in 1984
  • Time at Modernist Literature
  • Totalitarian Collectivism in 1984, or, Big Brother Loves You
  • Totalitarian Approaches in 1984 along with Red Azalea
  • Victorian, Romantic and Modernist Literature: Design as Cultural Commentary
  • The Problems With Human Progress in Utopian and Dystopian Fiction
  • A Comparison of 1984 and Crucial Condition of North Korea
  • Comparative analysis of this intertextual viewpoints in Metropolis and 1984
  • Damage at the hands of the State: Comparative Evaluation of 1984 and also Stasiland Claire Gianelly
  • Share the link between the past and the foreseeable future, in 1984 and Metropolis
  • Family in 1984 along with Persepolis
  • Locating an Equal Balance: Assessing 1984 and The Blind Assassin
  • Manipulation and the historical parallels in Component 1 of George Orwell’s 1984
  • Politics in Metropolis & 1984 Dominic Law
  • Relishing at Relics: The Role of History in 1984
  • marching in Dystopian Literature: The Antidote to Oppression?
  • Suppressing Enjoy, in All Its Aspects: Failures of Affection at 1984
  • The Idea of Residence: Settings and Belonging in 1984
  • Using Language in 1984 and Animal Farm
  • What job do the Proles play in the society of Oceania?
  • How can Newspeak allow the Party to control consideration and restrict emotion? How important is Newspeak from the design for endless Party electricity?
1984 essay topics

1984 compare and contrast essay topics

Roman Orwell is often in contrast to other novels of the dystopian genre. Thus, we’ve prepared for you a list of subjects for writing comparative essays.

  1. Orwell wrote’1984′, ” in part, as a warning against the Soviets and their totalitarianism and their great social experimentation. Compare and contrast the Soviet Communist party with the Party in’1984.’ Compare and contrast life in Oceania versus life from the Soviet Union. Compare and contrast the motives for Winston’s and Julia’s resistance to the Party. Just how do they differ in their thoughts of fatalism? How does reading”1984″ aid comprehend the themes hidden in”Huckleberry Finn”? Examine the liberty of language, class program, China’s child policy, punishment for incorrect behaviour, etc..
  2. Compare”1984″ and the movie”Lives of Others” (2006). What similarities can you find? Analyze the plot and battles depicted in book and movie.
  3. Compare the movie”V for Vendetta” and the book”1984.” What role will technology play these two dystopian worlds? Examine these two books from the point of Marxist theory.
  4. Contrast and compare”1984″ and”Panopticism” from Foucault. Compare the topics, ideas, and themes in both functions. How does the society portrayed in”1984″ relate to the concepts of surveillance?
  5. Evaluate the ways authors portray female characters in”1984″ and”Brave New World.”
  6. Examine the movie or book”Hunger Games” and also the”1984″ novel. Think about ideas, topics, characters, and type of storytelling. What’s a dystopian society seen in both of these stories? What is the most important idea that joins these two novels?
  7. Compare two dystopian works”1984″ and the movie”The Truman Show.” What differences do the principal characters have?
  8. Compare the text of”1984″ and the film”The Propaganda Game.”
  9. Compare the book”1984″ and the article”Truth and Lies in the Age of Trump” (2016). Can we assert that dictatorship is one of us? Insert citations out of”1984″ and also make research of credible resources about contemporary political situations across the world.
  10. Contrast and compare the effect of society at”Lord of the Flies” and”1984.” What other connection it’s possible to view in these novels?
  11. Evaluate”Metropolis” by Fritz Lang and”1984.”

Topics for an argumentative essay about 1984

If You Have to write an argumentative essay, attempt these topics:

  1. Could a society survive if it’s based on hate and deception? What potential does the society out of”1984″ have?
  2. Must art concentrate on political messages? Is it in a position to communicate aestheticism? How is this situation depicted in”1984″?
  3. Describe how technologies may be utilized in a wrong manner. Base your opinion on”1984″ and include citations to show your viewpoint. How does Orwell’s”1984″ relate to the modern technological world? Discuss betrayal, conformity, privacy, technologies, and nationalism.
  4. Does”1984″ help us understand more about the roots and prevalence of domestic socialism, fascism, and other authoritarian movements in the 20th century?
  5. What power do ordinary people have in the world of Orwell’s”1984″? How can Orwell cure the proles? What does Winston think about proles? Explain your standpoint regarding Winston’s saying:”If there was hope, it must lie in the proles.”
  6. How does the dehumanization used in”1984″ assist the reader understand the moral sentiment collapse? What instruments does the author use to reveal the insidiousness of a repressive government?
  7. Disagree or agree with George Orwell’s statement in”1984″ that most countries will gradually come to a totalitarian government.
  8. Describe how protagonists have grown over time. Are they more complex?
  9. Why has”1984″ turned into a best-selling book ? Does our planet possess the exact political problems as portrayed in the novel? Describe your understanding of the undying truth of Orwell’s dystopia.
  10. What’s the significance of memory from”1984″?
  11. Which scenarios from the novel”1984″ have come true? What things were exaggerated and can’t come true? Use examples from reality and also the text. How does this hierarchy support the Party and its own goals?

Examples of topics 1984 with writing plan

  • Functions of genders in the novel.
    Look in the connections between men and women within this bit of literature. Discuss exactly what the writer wanted to convey depicting them in such a way.
  • Gender in 1984.
    This really is something which may illustrate the atmosphere of this age quite accurately. Analyze the views of this novel’s characters on sex and intimate life in your essay.
  • The effect of technology.
    Technologies play a very major part in the lives of their book’s characters. Using passages in the book, reveal how technologies can restrict people’s freedom.
  • The case of power.
    This subject allows you to investigate how the power and individuals who have this capacity are depicted in the publication. What do they signify?
  • The analysis of specific characters.
    You will pick a character from 1984 and examine their development through the publication in your essay. Try to consider the figures from unexpected angles.
  • Social standards in the novel.
    Investigate what characteristics of individuals are respected and what are discouraged in the society described in the publication. Do these perspectives differ from the perspectives of our society?
  • Symbolism from the novel.
    There are lots of suggestions and pictures on the market that do not directly relate to the plot, but possess a significant symbolism. Describe these pictures and their significance.
  • Brainwashing.
    This subject lets you talk in your essay the illustration of brainwashing from the book. What is doublethink and the way it works?
  • A comparison between Julia and Winston.
    Discover the differences and similarities of both of these characters. Discuss the opinions of Julia and Winston concerning the Party.
  • Space 101.
    Talk in your paper the concept of Space 101 where folks face their most feared nightmares. What are the ramifications of such procedures?

1984 Thesis Statements and Important Estimates

Below you will see several excellent thesis statements for 1984 by George Orwell that may be utilised as essay newbies or paper issues. These thesis statements for offer a short overview of 1984 in terms of distinct elements that could be important in an essay.

1984 essay topics
  • “Big brother is watching you”
  • “War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength”
  • “Who controls the past’, ran the Party slogan,’controls the future: who controls the present controls the past”
  • “Until they become aware, they will never rebel, and until after they’ve rebelled they cannot become conscious.” She had become a physical necessity.”
  • “For the very first time, he perceived that if you would like to maintain a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”

Strategies for writing an essay on the novel 1984

First, Figure Out What Your Own 1984 Analysis Essay Will Know About. This step has become simpler because we’ve prepared a listing of topics for you.

The danger of totalitarianism, fascism, and domination according to skilled rhetoric has been in the forefront of people fears during Orwell’s period. Launched in 1949, 1984 reveals that the period as fascist empires were growing as well as the ramifications of the others had been becoming more apparent with every passing day, such as was the situation Germany. With this essay, be certain you include some biographical information regarding Orwell and also what he witnessed during his lifetime and make reference to many fascist regimes which are reflected in the publication.

Do not attempt to cram all of the things you know about the publication into your essay. It never works out nicely. What ends up happening is that you start summarizing rather than studying, or you simply don’t have enough time or the page count to fully follow your ideas.

Make a plan for an essay

The value of producing a summary can’t be understated. Outlines are maps that guide you much more easily through the composing process.

Your outline does not need to be super detailed, but it should lay out your argument and the proof backing up your own thesis. The illustration below is based off the talk above concerning themes:


  • Hook
  • Thesis statement: From commanding speech, the Party managed to restrain the masses.

Monitoring speech

  • Ban words associated with rebellion
  • No means to spread thoughts
  • No way to assert points from the Party

Rewriting history

  • Propaganda becomes truth
  • People unable to trust their memories
  • Need to rely upon the Party for what is”authentic”


You’ll have as many or few body paragraphs as you require, as many or as few supporting details as you require. The longer you spend on your own outline now, the less time you’ll spend fretting about the details later.