12 angry males the definition of a innovator essay


Yvette Perkins MBA-6620/Paper 1 The definition of a innovator can be stated in many ways. With reference to the movie 12 Angry Men, I have arrive to agree with the estimate of our sixth President Ruben Quincy Adams which says “if the actions encourage others to dream even more, learn more, perform more, and become more, you are a head. ” (Smith, 14) With this movie the main character Davis played simply by Henry Hoster�a was able to affect 11 other jurors by introducing the concept of possibility.

Davis exemplified leadership through his behavior, considering, and communication skills in his efforts to persuade the other jurors.

To begin, Davis’ behavior viewed positive strength throughout the complete movie. Upon entering the space he remained silent and observant of the other jurors. From your discussion supply I have discovered an important success secret, which is to be “quick to listen, sluggish to speak, sluggish to anger. ” (Smith, 31) This method proved to be significant through his actions. Having been able to continue to keep his calmness during the disputes of the jurors.

To be remembered as an effective innovator, your passion, confidence, and determination should be expressed through your body language, while did Davis.

In addition to that, I have come to master that “thinking is the deliberate exploration of knowledge for a purpose. ” (Smith, 3) In my opinion, Davis followed the trinity thinking style. In pursuit of his purpose he used path by asking the different juror “is it possible”. He utilized perception if it is observant of his natural environment and the others that encircled him. Finally, he employed lateral considering by assessing the possibilities. Davis stood by his supposition that there is reasonable uncertainty in his head.

I believe that he observed the evidence because “EBNE”, it was excellent nut not enough. (Smith, 7) In his exploration of opportunities he took the approach of two Greek philosophers. One was Socrates and the approach through question and two Aristotle the approach through container logic. In this instance Davis thought outside the box. Finally, communication expertise are crucial to becoming an efficient leader. As we have learned from your discussion how the brain goes into perception, people are satisfied with stability and are also reluctant to alter their methods.

Well, in the movie some jurors were reluctant to modify their notion of the case, which usually we also know as “blocked by simply openness”. (Smith, 19) Davis try’s to challenge all their perception by making use of, manipulating, and managing the reality presented in the case. By asking questions he was able to uncover insights and new facts which lead to the different jurors changing their ballots from accountable to not responsible. To conclude, “It is what you cause to happen in the head of a audience that makes you interesting”. Jones, 19) I truly believe that the hardest obstacle of life is convincing people to think everything you think and fighting human nature. However , Davis has demonstrated that it is feasible. According to the five stages of thinking through the packet, the stage of possibility is a generative stage. This level is exactly where we make possible alternatives and strategies. My definition of a leader can be someone who analyzes information, obstacle the facts, and initiates modify; which was proven by Holly Fonda in the movie doze Angry Men.


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