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However the fact that Catherine is still attracted to Heathcliff indicates that this noticeable veneer of civilization is not ‘real’ and merely a surface symptoms of finery, not proof of Cathy’s true nature. Catherine lives in a state of internal exile: her soul is at odds with how she is expected to act, as an upper-class female and as a wife.

Perhaps the most serious statement of Catherine’s feeling of interior exile is her desire to be with Heathcliff rather than in heaven. This kind of statement foreshadows her early death and her haunting of Heathcliff as a tormented spirit. Even though she is ‘supposed’ to be happy in heaven (and a happy better half and mom when wedded to a wealthy man), Catherine is only content in the presence of a person who fulfills her love. She feels a sense of alienation, whatever her position, except once she is with her precious. Yet in addition, she confesses to Nelly Leader that she wants to get married to Edgar since Edgar is definitely wealthy and has a highly esteemed name. Catherine’s prefer to dominate others leads her to marry a man that could give her social position, but her decision to do so brings her nothing but misery and pity, and practically destroys the happiness not just of her husband and her enthusiast, but also the subsequent technology.

Heathcliff’s denial by Catherine Earnshaw makes him unhealthy and resentful. Even after he has come to possess his childhood home, and worked out revenge against both the Lintons and his elderly, adopted close friend, he is furious and hostile against culture. He is conspiring to marry Linton’s sis Isabella, and to make her existence a living terrible. The child Heathcliff has with Isabella, a sickly boy named Linton, symbolizes the sickliness of Heathcliff’s thoughts towards the Lintons, and this individual turns his rage and anger against the world against the next generation of Lintons and Earnshaws. This individual forces Catherine Earnshaw’s child and namesake to get married to Linton, and after Linton dies, Linton’s house is handed onto Heathcliff. By managing his older, dead implemented brother’s real estate and his brother’s child Hareton, by the end of the novel Heathcliff has full control over the wealth of everybody who ever slighted him, or tried to interfere with his love for Catherine.

Yet the end of the novel ends using a cleansing death: Heathcliff and the original Catherine are usa, not in heaven (or hell) although on the moors where they eternally stroll as ghosts. Hareton, who has been lowered to a brutish state simply by Heathcliff, is to marry the second Catherine. The estates are from Heathcliff’s control and unite the formerly warring families. The exiles have been completely brought into possession of the arrive at a textual, legal level, through matrimony, but also on a symbolic level through the uniting of a new Catherine

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