Why does religion exist? Essay


Arthur C Clarke once explained “It can be that our role on this world is not to worship The almighty, but to make him. ” This estimate seems to summarize the many facets of religion for the reason that all the aspects appear to point to one particular fact: Person created “God”.

Many of the considerations can be taken into account when looking to define faith. Being that there are several, including some that aren’t very well recognized, there will just be a few reviewed here. These kinds of will include the intellectual factors that enter every faith, the internal factors of faith, and the sociological influences in religion.

We’ll take an in depth look at every factor and also my own opinion on what religion is. It seems that faith exists as a belief program to help people describe events that might otherwise be unexplainable. Actually Kenneth Dick said in “Man, Father of the Gods” “All beliefs start being a mere fictional explanation intended for something certainly not understood, that is certainly all they are really. ” Many, if not every religions try this. Christianity, Vikings, Greek, which includes every lifestyle today.

The Christians had for example the story of the “Tower of Babel” In Genesis to explain the division of dialects. The Jews, Christians, and the Muslims along with many others think that God came up with the world. The only difference is that the Muslims believe it only took 6th days rather than the conventional (Or what is now conventional to us) 7 days. The Vikings and the Greeks seem to possess Gods for everything, The God of Thunder, The almighty of Lightning, God of War, and Goddess of affection, All to clarify what they cannot. Also many Americans believe that the earth Trade Centre attacks took place because The almighty was angry.

All these illustrations point to the truth that the search for knowledge is important to faith as a whole. Whilst understanding the mental component of Faith as an attempt to explain the unexplainable is useful, obviously there may be more to Religion than explanations. The sociological results on the community and the values involved play an important portion as well.

A single strong example of a sociological aspect may be the effect of the Catholic House of worship. Many Catholics strongly go against sb/sth? disobey a woman’s right to attain an illigal baby killing. They are educated through the chapel that if a woman becomes pregnant, that may be God’s is going to,  going as long as to oppose birth control. Catholicism, like the beliefs in all cultures use the values taught to them since guidelines to help these groups abstain from undertaking anything nonmoral. These guidelines can cause visitors to act in certain ways.

For instance, in some Central Eastern countries, Religion provides affected women’s roles in society a great deal that they have couple of legal rights. Several aren’t possibly allowed to travel or obtain an education. This kind of happens because they presume that it is wrong to do normally, based on all their religion. A few religions let polygamy, although Judaism and Christianity such as practice monogamy.

Those that practice Hinduism aren’t allowed to consume beef, actually in the Hindu religion killing a cow is a major moral crime. There are many, variations in the different made use of that make up our world today, but they do have got a lot in keeping, for example , a large number of religions look down upon murder, and stealing.

Yet another thing many made use of have in common is a classic “Golden rule. ” “Do on to others, whenever you would have other folks do on to you. ” Or in Confucianism i have heard it said “Do not impose in others everything you yourself do not desire” Plus the Hindu secret of dharma, “One should not do to a new which one relation as injurious to one’s own personal. ” Reworded for different faiths but most meaning exactly the same thing, basically that we get a meaning obligation to one another based on each of our faiths. Nevertheless , the question even now remains: How come do persons believe? What part of human being psychology tells us to go out and locate a religion? What is it about religion that people wish to follow?

1 reason will be the structure, the organization of religion, the hierarchy in the church. You need to have guidelines. People need to know, from the pere for instance, this is what you have to do, and this is definitely how you have to do it. That ties in to the spiritual assistance that people cling to.

They want to understand how to avoid going to “hell” (in some religions) or the right way to reach issues the plane of psychic nirvana (for others). We all as human beings have a psychological have to know that we will never be walking exclusively, that we have always someone or something looking out for us. We require someone to look after us plus the things we see because out of our hands. We all also need to believe that there is something further than the severe that awaits us following death, that death is definitely not the true end of everything, that there is some thing more.

Likewise we have a great ever present need to reach spiritual enlightenment, and to feel like we are undertaking the “right” thing. For this reason during the crusades, the Christians tried to convert the ” nonbelievers “, although basically, all they did was tough a lot of innocent people. Even they didn’t notice it as murdering their other man that they saw that as “destroying the enemies of the church”. So why do people find religion?

As it makes it causes them to be feel entire. It makes us truly feel “right”, and like we are excellent people. Thus after all in the previous details I have presented my take on what faith is has evolved a bit. I really believe that religion is just something that primitive man created to make clear things that they didn’t appreciate, like how come fire melts away and how come the heavens move regarding the atmosphere. Now don’t get me wrong, I really do believe in a greater power, A Creator, should you will.

I recently don’t agree that there is a benevolent “God” out there who may be starved intended for attention that he (or she) needs to interact with individuals. I place more trust into a inventor of the universe who rests back and from time to time looks in on each of our little world. I just have trouble putting my personal trust into a God who killed forty two boys for calling certainly one of his followers bald. But what I think doesn’t really matter.

What matters is this: Religion is exactly what you make of computer. What do You imagine?

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