what is epilepsy dissertation



Epilepsy is also referred to as seizure disorder; it is a long-term brain disorder that in brief interrupts the standard electrical activity of the brain to cause seizures. These seizures can be seen as a a variety of symptoms including uncontrolled movements with the body, sweat or dilemma, sudden fear, or lack of consciousness. Epilepsy may be an outcome from a head harm, stroke, head tumor, lead poisoning, or genetic conditions. An interesting reality about epilepsy is that in over 70 percent of the circumstances no cause has been recognized.

Did you know that regarding 1 percent worldwide population, or higher 2 mil people, happen to be diagnosed with epilepsy (Epilepsy Foundation)?

Types and causes of Seizures:

A person has a seizure when ever there is an abnormal relieve of electrical power in certain human brain cells. The discharge spreads to local cells, and the effect may be loss of consciousness, involuntary movements, or abnormal sensory trends. The effects of the seizure would depend on the location in the cells where the discharge starts and how significantly the release spreads.

Like mentioned before regarding 1 percent from the population is afflicted with epilepsy yet did you know that about 6 percent of the population will have a seizure in their lifetime? Almost all of that 6 percent of folks will not be clinically determined to have epilepsy mainly because they do not include seizures on a constant basis. Since seizures reflect unnatural brain activity, it is not astonishing that epilepsy is found in a larger amount in children with developmental disabilities (mental reifungsverzögerung or cerebral palsy) than patients without a handicap.

Seizures could be caused by almost any kind of harm to the brain, the most typical causes happen to be; a lack of adequate oxygen, low blood sugar, infections, and an actual trauma. But in 70 percent of epilepsy cases the cause can be unknown. However the cause maybe unknown doctors still can easily treat people with correct medication (Hallahan and Kauffman).

Seizures might take many varieties, and the simplest way to classify seizures is a subject that is up for debate between many individuals. Yet , educators should never that seizures may differ along at least the following proportions:

-Duration: The seizures might last a few seconds or for a few minutes.

-Frequency: Seizures may arise as frequently as every few hours in severe cases or only about annually in slight cases.

-Onset: They may be trigger by certain identifiable stimuli or always be unrelated for the environment, and in addition they may be totally unexpected or be preceded by certain internal experience

” Moves: they may cause major nerveuse movements or perhaps only minimal motor symptoms (eye blinking).

-Causes: Seizures may be caused by a variety of circumstances, including excessive fever, poisoning or brain trauma.

-Associated disabilities: Seizures may be linked to other disabling conditions or be unrelated to any other medical problem or handicap.

-Control: They might be controlled completely by medications, so that the person has no even more seizures, or they may be just partially handled.

Educational Effects:

Nearly half of all kids with Epilepsy have common or higher brains, just the same while the general public. Although some children with epilepsy possess other disabilities, some will not. Consequently, the two general and special education teacher may possibly expect to encounter children who have seizures. Besides medical advice relating to management from the child’s particular seizure disorder, teachers should know first aid for epileptic seizures. Seizures happen to be primarily a medical issue and need medical attention. Educators are called to handle the problem inside the followingways:

-Both General and special education teachers ought to help eliminate ignorance, superstition, and prejudice toward those who seizures and offer calm management for the occasional seizure the kid may include at institution.

-Special education teachers who work with learners with serious developmental disabilities need to be able to manage even more frequent seizures as will certainly as to manage learning complications. The teacher should record the length of a child’s seizure and the kind of activity the child was engaged in before it occurred. This article help medical professionals in prognosis and treatment. If a pupil is being remedied for a seizure disorder, the teacher, should know the type of medicine and its conceivable side effects (Hallahan and Kauffman).


You cannot find any cure intended for epilepsy yet symptoms of the disorder can be treated with drugs, surgical treatment, or a particular diet. Medication therapy is the most frequent treatment, seizures can be avoided or their frequency lessened in more than 80% of circumstances by medicines known as anticonvulsants or antiepileptics. Surgery is utilized when prescription drugs fail as well as the brain muscle causing the seizures is confined to one area and canbe safely eliminated. A special high-fat diet generally known as ketogenic diet plan produces a chemical substance condition in your body called ketosis that helps prevent seizures in young children. Similar to other medical problem, epilepsy can be affected by health and wellness. Regualr workout, plenty of others, and work to reduce stress can every have an optimistic effect on a person which has a seizure disorder.

(Epilepsy Foundation).

The Future:

The things which I have learned when doing this kind of project that could better help me when I started to be a educator in the future is: that as being a teacher happened onlyneed to learn first aid however you can do the tiny things like ensuring other college students know what is certainly going on therefore , they don’t make fun of that particular student. My spouse and i also found that by knowing the child’s medication and recording what they had been doing if the seizure took place and how very long is held up could help supply the student better treatment. Lastly, I found that I shouldn’t have an attitude such as Let me never have one of these students inside my class, the chance to get one of these students inside my class is definitely real, and i also will now be better prepared thus if and when it occurs I can help the student to the best of my own abilities.