what are sand cats


Pets or animals

Physical Description

Sand cats and kittens have a pale sandy to grey-brown coat, which can be slightly deeper on the back and pale within the belly, with occasional lashes on the legs. Bold, crimson streaks runs across each cheek from the spot of the two eyes. Yellow sand cats have got a broad head with significant eyes and low-set the ears. They have short limbs.


The tail, which can account for about 50 % of the head-body length, features two or three jewelry and a black hint. Body span ranges from 18 to 22. your five inches (45 to 57 centimeters), together with the tail adding on an extra 11 to 14 inches (28 to 35 centimeters). Adult crushed stone cats weigh between a few to six. 5 pounds (1 to 3. 5 kilograms).

Native Home

Crushed stone cats reside in three specific regions of the earth: Africas Sahara desert, which usually stretches through Algeria, Niger and The other agents, throughout the Arabian peninsula, in addition to parts of central Asia which include Turkmenistan, Usa, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Sand cats and kittens prefer a incredibly dry, arid habitat with little plants, for which they are really well adapted. They are sand-dwelling creatures, inhabiting dry flatlands and rocky valleys where conditions will be extreme. Surface temperatures can reach 124 degrees F (51 levels C) through the daytime, in that case drop to as low as 31 degrees Fahrenheit (f) (-0. your five degrees C) at night. This kind of species prefers flat or perhaps rolling rink, and will escape to burrows when temperature ranges become also extreme. Due to the importance of burrowing and looking to fine sand cats, they are not seen in areas where garden soil is condensed.

Food/Eating Behaviors

Crushed stone cats take in primarily little rodents, occasionally hares, chickens, spiders, bugs and reptiles. They are fearless snake hunters”their prey can include venomous vipers and other dogs. Living in a relatively desolate an environment, sand felines are opportunistic feeders out of need. Like many desert-dwelling types, sand pet cats can survive devoid of drinking water to get weeks each time. They will instead obtain virtually any moisture they want from their prey.

Fine sand cats look by skulking close to the surface and utilizing their enhanced ability to hear to discover prey. Appears of a potential meal burrowing underneath the ground trigger fine sand cats to begin digging swiftly to expose and capture prey. Upon record, they may cover its kill and come back later to feed.

At the Smithsonians National Tierpark, they consume mice, bones and rib bone various meats.

Social Framework

Yellow sand cats have already been known to have turns posting shallow burrows, but will certainly not occupy the burrow concurrently.

Reproduction and Development

Reproduction between sand felines depends on where they live, individuals through the Sahara will begin breeding in January and end in 04. Those occurring in Turkmenistan will begin reproduction in The spring, and in Pakistan the season lasts from Sept. 2010 to March. In man care, this species can easily breed more often than once a year. Kids in time of year selected for propagation is believed to be a result of possibly climate or perhaps available methods. Gestation to get sand cats and kittens lasts 59 to 67 days, and women give birth to a litter box of one to eight cats, although two to 4 is most prevalent. Kittens consider just over you ounce (39 grams) at birth. Juveniles turn into independent simply by 6 to 8 a few months old, and you will be sexually older by 18 months.

Sleeping Habits

Sand felines are mainly night time and crepuscular animals, steering clear of the intense high temperature of the desert by hiding in burrows. They depend on their capacity to dig to develop shelter via extreme weather conditions.


In human care, sand cats can live to become 13 years of age. Lifespan in the wild is usually unknown.

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