thesis ticketing program essay


The rapid advancement information technology has turned the administration of on the web ticket purchases, payment and ticket era possible. The implementation of the specific program requires solutions to a number of complications. Several big projects have demostrated that the last introduction requires the preparing of models which kind a good basis for the construction of a high-volume system. The implementation possibilities are well illustrated, and the low-budget project permits the prep of the optimum system. In this project the goal we collection was the creation.

The future achievement is also supported by the fact the fact that project consists of many remarkably professional companies and institutions, as well as a college used as being a research web page to carry out your research needed for the ticket storage area solutions. The planned program uses contemporary IT equipment and involves the use of the Internet as well. The preparation is definitely assisted by organization involved in the ticket management thus promoting the concern of real problems during the creation in the theoretical style.

The aim of the perfect solution to be created is to give a general definition of the requirements of recent ticket sales systems, that will prevent the businesses using the system from producing multiple assets for advancement and the buyers from the responsibility of purchasing new and different products. Due to the standard nature in the system to become developed, interconnection will only be necessary to the application details; the end-users’ device will certainly, therefore , can carry and use the tickets purchased in the application factors. The system to be developed can immediately be taken in a wide range of areas, hence providing a contribution to make the information technology more generally accepted and build the knowledge society. Online ticketing program will not only give accurate information and quickly process of on-line transaction but it really will secure data through security implementation and consequently arrange data provided by a well-designed databases that will develop a errorless environment. Historical background

St . William Tours and Transport Companies formerly referred to as (BMW Tours andTransport Services) was established in June 2000. It has their services as 1999 to supply domestic travel services for different public and private schools, businesses, institutions in the region. Through the efforts of Mr. William Meters. Badillo, the founder, the company is now featuring its own workers and features and soon to have its very own branches all over the country. They provide individualized service, at all times, every time. That they maintain favored relationships using major businesses, travel organizations, schools and government and other institutions, permitting them to supply the best travel and leisure and travel accommodations with the lowest cost. They designed a new programs focused of providing you a better usage of selected tourist destinations here and abroad. All their interest is always to provide maximum satisfaction in travel enjoyment safety, as well as security of your clients that may suit patient’s satisfaction. Assertion of the Trouble

General Problem:

The overall problem with the existing ticketing system of the business is it prevents the company to make multiple assets for the introduction of the system as it’s not really online the client of the explained company is merely limited. Certain Problem:

1 . How to lessen ticketing means of the company?

2 . How can you store the record for easy searching and retrieval of customer’s informations?

3. How to take full advantage of the contributions to made famous the company’s solutions? Objectives from the Study

General Aim:

The general objective of this study is to make an on-line ticketing system for St . William Travel and leisure and Tours for it to widen its access in the world of internet along with all different kinds of business competitions against several companies. Specific Objectives:

1 ) To make a powerful and accurate system of On the net Ticketing.

2 . To make a well-arranged data source and to put into action strong search and retrieval of the data for data clarity and accuracy.

3. To produce a user friendly environment to implement company’s services. Value of the Analyze

To Traveling Agents and Personnel of St . Bill Travel and Tours The proposed program will help the St . William Travel and Tours particularly the Travel Agent and Personnel. It will help to reduce the time and effort from the ticketing system in organizing customer’s exploring plans. The machine develop can accommodate changing figures and produce a paperless environment through well style database. To Proponents

This kind of study will assist the supporters to enhance the capacity on how to make an understandable online program in an easy way. This will likely serve to the proponents being a challenge to carry out a better program. To the other Researcher

This kind of study provides knowledge to the researcher approach create a web based System in understandable method. This will function as a fresh earth for the researcher in whose study will be related in neuro-scientific Information Technology. 1 ) 5 Range and Limit


Our task is to generate online ticketing for traveling company to handle data, in order that all the transactions become quickly and right now there should not be virtually any error in transaction just like calculation oversight, bill technology and other points. It eliminates all the daily news work. It keeps information of all expenses also, giving to ensure 100% successful execution of the On the net Ticketing system. Our on the web ticketing system has 3 modules. First module will help the customer to enquire the availability of seats in a particular tour bus, airport, and hotels in particular particular date. Second module helps him to hold a admission. Using third module he can cancel a reserved admission. Limitation

Researchers study only covers the present and suggested ticketing system of St . William Travel and Tours, additional online transaction to various other company that does not involve online ticketing is usually not maintained the system. Technique

In order to finish the study, the researchers employed several methods tools which have been most suitable for the sources of the info needed. The researchers see on how the present system of the organization works. The proponents as well considered an interview to gather the essential data from the proposed program.