Kelli Cole, Jennifer Rodriguez, Rebecca Cohn, Delores Davis

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December several, 2004

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Crisis begins together with the characters standing in a lateral line around the

middle of the stage, with arm by sides. Each character steps forward once

talking and steps back when finished with all their lines.

Rebecca: Why are we this process?

Jennifer: Why do I value other peoples beliefs?

Delores: Why am i not here?

Kelli: What happens while i die?

Delores: Why do we every have different made use of?

Rebecca: Whats the purpose of existence?

Kelli: What do I believe?

Jennifer: Who am i not?

Delores: Who am I?

Kelli: Who am i not?

Rebecca: Who have am I?

When ever Rebecca is completed speaking the cast techniques back one step while using

exception of Jennifer who also performs her monologue initial. Before Jennifer

starts, the other solid members every single take a create that symbolizes their

character. These poses are placed during all of the monologues, unless you are

the smoothness giving your monologue.

Jennifer: Yeah actual Catholics right!

Yeah actual saints these were

To them its the proper thing to do

Each goes to chapel Praise god!

But then offered back and torture us

Hitting their child

Zero No Simply no No to beat them senseless Rosado

I know you understand, youve been there.

I will by no means think of holding my daughters like what they have done in my experience.

There is no way to reduce them for this

I had to live in the roads because they have tortured myself and worried me

for lifetime.

I shed my hope because of that

I really do believe you will discover something good to choose from

Im not merely ready to accept it at the moment.

They were creatures!

and to think that they had take pleasure in for The almighty but , designed for me

could be because I had been an orphan. A krydsning child!

After Jennifer executes her monologue, she actions back into the queue with

the cast and takes her pose, Kelli drops her pose and steps toward

perform her monologue.

Kelli: I have no church connection. I do not believe we have a God. See

I stated I never believe in The almighty, I dont hate Our god and it isnt that we dont

want there to become a God, I recently dont believe there is a Goodness. Why anyone asks?

Just look around, look at all of the hate, poverty and the physical violence, What kind

of a God will do that to us? I actually dont imagine anybody may sit over us

watching this world and do nothing, Ijustdontbelieveit.

Hmmm. House of worship and Express? I Never really understand how I feel about this. I

speculate its best for those who consider it. For anyone of us that dont

believe and I can easily speak for myself, I simply dont state it, dont talk

about this. And with under God in the pledge, it isnt mandatory to express that

part and I only dont declare it. We am not really against Our god and certainly one of my best

friends is known as a Christian, I simply do not consider it and I never will, but it

will not bother me personally if you do.

Following Kelli offers her monologue, the heroes all drop their cause and

sanction a landscape from Kept.

Scene coming from Saved: The scene may play in the background together with the sound

playing. The players of the episode will conduct the actions of the picture, but

certainly not repeat one of the dialogue.

Discussion that will be occurring from Preserved:

Hilary Faye: We hope for all the pervs, but specifically Dean. All of us join

together and beg you to rid him of his unpleasant perversions. Might you lead

him out from the darkness Lord and with your divine mild. That was good

that felt great you folks. Thank you so much. That was good prayer.

Hi Mary.

Martha: Hi.

Hilary Faye: How are you? Its great to see you. Weve been waiting for you.

We were simply finishing up, if you have anything else you want to add

Jesus is still listening.

Mary: Jesus isnt listening Hilary Faye. I had everything I can to save

Dean and he still ended up at Whim House.

Hilary Faye: Okay, lets take a breath

Mary: What can they say and do that I have not yet already performed?

Hilary Faye: Excuse me, youre embarrassing me. We have to pray about this.

Plea works, their been clinically proven. You know that.

Mary: Only lay away me, Hilary.

Hilary Faye: Wait a few minutes, give me that. You could dirty the gems and

every thing we indicate. And I can’t have that. Goodbye.

Jane: I hope you understand this is almost all a stupidity.

At the end from the scene Rebecca starts her monologue and everything the solid

members retake their positions.

Rebecca: Separation of house of worship and condition? What are you talking about? Not really

completely proper? Our government was founded depending on the principles of the

church. You cant women foundation of the government today when it is

successful just because a few people think there ought to be a separating.

The splitting up of cathedral and point out was created to maintain the state out of the

church not really the house of worship out of the express. Well yes the chapel should not be

ruling the state nevertheless that does not show that our trusty leaders cannot

fall again on their own religious morals and refer to Christianity.

Christianity in the school systems is good because it is instilling

moral fiber in our kids. Giving them a way to grow mentally

and offering them with a moral foundation. Without faith in school a whole lot of

kids will not have an outlet for spiritual techniques. The cathedral is used because an

wall socket for good. With religion in the schools were guiding out society

based upon church theories that are to get the best in terms of well being, well

staying and spirituality. Church centered educations offer more of a meaningful

background and for that reason should be retained in our education system.

After Rebecca provides her monologue, she measures back and retakes her present and

Delores steps forward and gives her monologue.

Delores: Okay, therefore Im Jewish. who cares? I am talking about I believe in God, just

not in Jesus. My own people think that he is a prophet. ButIm not really

sure. I mean Id have to double check my Torah. Anyhow, whats this regarding

church and state? I absolutely dont attention. Like I said I believe in Goodness. but

if this said In Jesus we all Trust then maybe Identification have a thing or two to say

about this. Just like in the pledge of allegiance, if this said Christ I think

Id have a problem, since then it would only be subjectivefor

Christians. And that we Americans have right to select. God in the usa

can be anything it to be, a dog, the cat, whatever. Anyways, its not

really a concern for me, I truly dont treatment. We all have the right to

rely on whatever we want. And for individuals who think that cathedral and state

should be merged, obviously dont care about other folks beliefs. I am talking about

thats what Christian and Catholic schools are intended for, right?! We dont find out

what Internet marketing talking about. I am talking about until it turns into an issue, I truly dont


After Delores gives her monologue, all the characters most drop their very own pose

and move to sanction the second field from Salvaged.

Scene coming from Saved: An additional scene via Saved will be played whilst again the

cast is going to act out the movement with no dialogue apart from the sounds from

film production company.

Dialogue that will be going on via Saved:

Hilary Faye: Rush, hurry, receive her, join the truck. Hurry Tia. Now, get her

in here, receive her in.

Mary: Move away from me!

Hilary Faye: In the name of Jesus Christ, We command you. Leave the body of

this girl.

Mary: Youre executing an exorcism? Get off me!

Hilary Faye: Get back right here Mary, weve got to eliminate the evil in you.

Tia: Its Gods will.

Martha: Gods can?!

Tia: Christ died to your sins.

Hilary Faye: Fine, wait a second. So might be you not going to accept our

intervention here?

Mary: You mean your kidnapping? No!

Hilary Faye: You are back sliding into the fire of Heck.

Veronica: Youve become a magnet for sin. Weve almost all witnessed that.

Mary: Sure Veronica, performing all genuine. What about previous spring break at the

assurance makers rally, huh?

Hilary Faye: Wow my The almighty, you make accusations even as we are trying to preserve

your heart? Turn away via Satan. Jesus, he really loves you.

Jane: You don’t know the first thing about love.

Hilary Faye: I i am filled with Christs love.

Jane: Oh The almighty.

Hilary Faye: You are simply jealous of my achievement in the God.

Mary: This may not be a weapon, you idiot.

After the picture, all character types will go back to their poses and step

forward one-by-one as they say their very own line. The characters will drop

their very own poses as they move forward.

Jennifer: Who am i not?

Rebecca: Who also am I?

Kelli? Who am i not?

Delores: Who am I?

MOST: Who will you be?

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