Geoffrey Chaucer, Literature Review, The Pardoner’S Tale

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“The Pardoner’s Tale”, written by Geoffrey Chaucer, exhibits several characteristics of existence, as we know it today. From this story, Chaucer writes of a man who have speaks to his target audience for money. This man starts speaking against all that partake in drinking, and gambling although he confesses to carrying out these sins himself. The pardoner talks of three guys that lost their lifes because of selfishness. That leaves the reader with the reassurance that money is definitely the root of every evil.

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The pardoner blames folks who drink and says, “Lust is in most wine and drunkenness” (p 19). Even today, similar quotations can be been told by people over the nation. A large number of people wish to advise others how to live their lives, but they absence the concept themselves. The pardoner is in fact this same way. This individual thrives to share with others the way of the Lord and condemn them for their sins, however , he can guilty of precisely the same. In fact , soon after he explains that swearing is evil, he says “Now for his passion of Christ” (p 22). This could be regarded a form of swearing. I find it ironic that he concludes his “sermon” by imprecationexecration with Christ’s name to start with his tale.

One other aspect to consider is the greed from the pardoner. The pardoner attempts a commission payment from his audience intended for his stories. He himself is also the one that is overtaken by money. Does this individual sincerely care about the condition of your soul or is he just out for a quick money? On page twenty seven, the pardoner comments that his “holy pardon treatments and will suffice/ So that it take me rare metal, or silver precious metal brings/ Or else, I proper care not- are usually, spoons, or rings”. In person, I believe that the pardoner is willing to inform just about anything to get money for himself. This can be one of his sins that is evident that enables me to propose the statement, “Practice what you preach, pardoner”. The storyplot also portrays the effects that greed is wearing one’s existence. The tale in the three males overtaken with greed pertains to this present decade of people. “Show me personally the money” has been the theme of this generation. Everyone is caught up in his or her own struggle of increasing their share of the souple. This is very like the tale in the three men that struck gold underneath the oak shrub. The men had been concerned with how to travel with the money with out looking like thieves as mentioned when they mentioned, “For guys would say that we were robbers strong/ and we’d, for our own treasure, hang ere long” (p 25).

They were certainly not concerned about in whose money these were stealing they cared only about their personal statue. They were doing not want to show up as criminals, so that they planned going at night as seen in this kind of quote on page 25, “This treasure has to be carried residence by night”. The three travelers set out to slay death. An old man directed them to death’s path. The way was underneath an walnut tree that actually had a prize of rare metal. In my opinion, the man was very sensible in aiming the fact out that loss of life will be available at this forest. When the guys reached the tree, they automatically start to think only of themselves. They begin scheming against each other to find more to them. Page 25 and twenty six displays these types of quotes, “poison he do pour” and “romp with him as with a game/ and together with your dagger find, you do the same”. These describe their very own plots of murder, which is indeed Loss of life of which the old man was speaking. This old man recognized that cash is the fatality of many people. He discerned their motives and was intelligent enough to avoid that path.

Today, a similar issue is visible. It may not continually be to the point of fatality but it most likely will make a negative final result for another. Persons in this era seem to value themselves somewhat the well-being of those around them. Many reality shows on television somewhat portray this attitude. People over a given demonstrate desire the amount of money for themselves. They just do not care the actual have to do to get it. They may lie, cheat, and rob, probably even kill if they did. The fact that it is televised is probably the only reality keeps these people from that! Death consumed the travelers because of their greed. In fact , they killed the other person to gain even more provisions on their own. The youngest traveler made this statement, “Have all this cherish to myself alone” (p 26). He intentionally organized to kill his comrades for the love of money. Today, there are numerous studies of homicides due to funds and avarice. People are happy to do anything for private capital increases. In our area of Sand Pile, we do not observe actual murder as much, nevertheless we carry out see elements of mental murder due to the love involving. People on this generation might not exactly actually eliminate, but they do tear down other folks. They reduce friendships, like, and esteem. Greed is the root of every evil that could truly possess a negative impact on a person’s existence.

The pardoner can be described as man that represents many people from this present day. This individual proceeds to see others of their wrong work, however , he can just as accountable. We, the people of this period, tend to the actual same thing every day. We find this easy to inform others tips on how to live all their lives when we carry on with our sinful routine. Additionally , this age of people is definitely guilty of being self-centered just like the travellers were through this tale. The thought of today’s universe demonstrates a similar framework of thoughts. The folks of this period are consumed with the like of money for themselves more than the wellbeing of those around them. It is interesting that a bit of literature written hundreds of years in the past could portray life, to be sure it today.

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