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Healthy Persons 2020 and Diabetes

Diabetes is a community health problem that is certainly also a Healthful People 2020 priority region. Tabish (2007) has cited it being a growing epidemic occurring around the globe. Because diabetes has been linked to obesity, poor diet and lack of work out, it is affordable to arrive at the final outcome that in the event people got better and exercised more the increasing spread of diabetes could be reversed. This is actually the contention of researchers just like Davis (2008) and Cunninghamm-Myrie, Theall, More youthful et ing. (2015). In a nutshell, diabetes is impacting everyone. All who consume “fast food” form of diets are at risk of developing diabetes according to these research.

The public wellness leadership issue related to this health issue is that public health leaders appear very willing to simply treat the symptoms of diabetes instead of assaulting the causes of the disease. Better leadership in this area can be an example of what Davis (2008) did inside the Marshall Destinations, when he led the local people back to their particular natural good diet and away from pre-packaged, manufactured food items that they were adding from the West. Within a year, diabetes (which had been therefore prominent in the Islands – unlike by no means before) was gone, most thanks to the classic diet and exercise through working for a person’s food, which in turn had always been the traditional course in the Island destinations before the importation of “new” food. Whether it worked inside the Marshall Destinations, it should function elsewhere. The type of leadership that is certainly needed inside the U. T. is that that may inspire this sort of a direction and an alteration in the way people eat and live and think about the impact of the diets.

This problem relates to the Healthy and balanced People 2020 priority areas as it is referred to as one of the 40 topic areas for the program by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Healthy People, 2015). Thus, it is considered a significant problem area that requires attention.

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