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The situation:

The Assertion of human rights began on 15 December 1948. It was standardized document which will describes man rights. Through this declaration, you will find 30 articles or blog posts where is definitely written about human rights, tasks, access to education and medicine. The Declaration was drafted to avoid break down of man rights just like slavery, racism or inequality among people. Statement says that everyone is cost-free but there are still people in the world who are suffering from slavery, or perhaps other types of violation. For instance, article made by Fitzpatrick (2017) shows that during the last five years 89 million people have acquainted with some sort of slavery. The majority of them were forced into hard labour. Presently there appears a questions, exactly what the reasons of the problem? How come United Nations continue to can’t fix it? And how we can resolve this issue?

The causes of the problem:

One of the reasons behind human rights violations is political regime of the nation. Example of it can be North Korea, a communist government. In accordance to Head (2017) government regulates and supervises all newspaper and magazines, television and radio stations, which in turn forces people praise their “Dear Leader”, Kim Jong-un. Also, listening to foreign radio stations, communicating with foreigners will cause going through penalties. Touring abroad is usually forbidden, it can bring the prospect of death which in turn breaks the rights of movement and right to live.

In addition, the undeveloped economic situations have a bad impact on the observance of human rights. Some financial crises result in a decrease in the standard of living from the population, therefore it is already not possible to observe a lot of human legal rights. For instance, relating to Traditions Foundation (2017) Mali is scoring 31, 2 percent lower with 58, 6% on Index of Economic Freedom (including property legal rights, judicial effectiveness, labor liberty and etc. ) than Hk with 89, 8%. Although slavery in Mali was officially resulted in 1960s, in the words of Temedt (Bamako-based human legal rights organisation’s member), slavery remains present in the far north of the country between Berber-descended Tuareg nomads and darker-skinned Bella or perhaps Black Tamasheq people (as cited in Hicks, 2008).

The consequences:

Severe violations of Human Privileges are show in Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea by the Authorities. Infringements switch on the executions, forced labor, torture and also other kinds of assault. Such types of punishments are determined with the falsely accused and with the families in specialized personal camps. Strangulation by Federal government affects in worst way on growing of their tradition and nationwide identity.

Moreover, oppression and splendour have an adverse effect on the human beings self-esteem and lead to irreparable consequence.

In the quantity of 10 and 15 mil Africans had been carting through the Atlantic Water between 1500 and 1900 by the trans-Atlantic slave trade (transportation by simply slave traders of enslaved African people, mainly from Africa for the Americas, and then their sale there. ). Nearly two million Africans (15%) died during verse across the Ocean Ocean. Other folks, around 15-30 % died during the coast-keeping. Overall, every single 100 slaves who reached the New Globe (Americas, which includes nearby island destinations such as the Carribbean and Bermuda), 40 had died presently there (Digital History, 2016).


The world is becoming more and more demandable. Some countries are developing with a exceedingly fast, while others happen to be stuck. In such countries citizens terribly lack access to education and medication. Furthermore because of religious and political disputes in this countries level of loss of life is substantial. In Announcement is written ‘We all have the directly to believe in whatever we want to trust, to have a religion, or to swap it if we want. ‘ But in African or in Middle East countries individuals don’t have right to choose. They can be a good example of persons whose legal rights are violated. One of them can be Uganda. For instance, in 2014 July 100 people perished, and the reason of that can be described as religious issue (BBC, 2017). A lot of developed countries such as Spain, USA, Germany, France making the effort to solve this problem.

Kazakhstan is one of the countries wherever human rights are not firmly follows. As an example in Almaty dozen of activists had been arrested. Mainly because they were in opposition to land change in 2016. But Kazakhstan’s government is attempting to avoid individual rights breach. In Kazakhstan’s constitution can be written: The Republic of Kazakhstan proclaims itself a democratic, luxurious, legal and social express whose greatest values could be an individual, his life, privileges and liberties (The Metabolic rate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Section We, Article 1).


In Asia there a large amount of non-compliance of person’s rights. Based on the results of Adjunct Professor of United States Labor Office Deputy Undersecretary for Worldwide Affairs Martha Newton in Asia and Pacific have a large number of subjects of modern slavery. It write 62 % which means 25 million people of that location (Fitzpatrick, 2017). In Africa this sign shows 2 . 78 moments lower than in Asia, meaning over than 9 million people. The smallest number among the all prude, in America, in that area the number of slaves constitute 5 percents, that implies less than two million persons, who suffer from bondage.

Some historic events of America recently had an effect on this index.

Abraham Lincoln subsequently ( Director of US during the American civil war), built the Emancipation Proclamation (1863) declaring that persons placed as slaves are, and henceforward, will be free. This kind of proclamation has evolved the Constitution of the United States, by having to this the 13th Amendment (1865), which forbids the slavery (Pettinger, 2013).


Racism is a perception that one competition is better and dominant than others.

n In The united states and in a few areas of South Africa, distinctive races (mainly blacks and whites) ought to be separated from one one more. Those who had a high-status considered themselves above members of low-status events. Members of low-status acquired the limit in all instances and while users of the major race recently had an entrance to politics, monetary resources, highly paid jobs. Members of low-status competitions have seen a whole lot physical and moral physical violence and forced labour. These infringements had an influence on self-esteem and social interactions (Smedley, 2017).

Martin Luther King was your leader who was against racism and defended the legal rights of the blacks. His ‘I have a dream’ presentation inspired many people. To get his workings to establish equivalent rights and ability to prevent the exclusion of public transportation (African Americans refused to use public travel (Montgomery, Alabama, U. T., 1955-1956)) Full was awarded to the Nobel Peace Award in 1964 (Tavaana, 2017).

Accepted documents in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has a extensive legal and regulatory program for guaranteeing the equality of residents, regardless of contest, ethnicity, language, origin, prosperity or standard status, place of residence, frame of mind to religion, beliefs or membership in a voluntary affiliation or sociable group. The 14th article of the Metabolism, which is in force since 2008, provides that no one will be subjected to any kind of discrimination (14th article of the Constitution of Kazakhstan, #44 paragraph).


Problem of breaking of human privileges still needs to be regarded as one of the biggest issues that humankind is definitely facing today. Person’s legal rights and capabilities to speak openly, to move devoid of barriers, to trust in what their wants, to get a right to choose, to study and to live, must be the main aim of all countries over the world.

By the times of undertaking the research job, it was noticed, why human being rights breach is described as a global issue. It was hard to understand that through this civilized community people were experiencing limited talents and limited capabilities pertaining to freedom. At first, infringement of human rights was generally associated with Third World countries. But , it was understood that limitation of individual’s rights is a problem that ought to worry almost every citizen in the Earth who will be able to think properly regarding world’s problems.