The lessons in Vietnam war were forgotten in Iraq and Afghanistan Essay


A whole lot of lessons were discovered throughout the Vietnam War but those lessons were not completed in the Korea and Afghanistan war. Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam Battle, caused by concerns over communism plus the fact that since the USA was our allied country we had to join causes, was probably the most disastrous attacks in our earlier.

The lessons discovered from the Vietnam War were forgotten the moment Australia made a decision to join america of America, who were preparing the intrusion of Korea and Afghanistan. The American soldiers plus the Australian soldiers went through and still going through some of the same conditions that occurred in the Vietnam War. Some of the circumstances happen to be that the American/Australian soldiers don’t know the landscape as well as the enemies do plus the enemies are blending among innocent people and they strategy ‘attack and run/booby traps’ which harm/kill the innocent civilians and the soldiers just like the Vietcong performed in the Vietnam war. The amount of American/Australian fatalities in Korea and Afghanistan are 1/10.

Some people would say that the USA/Australian makes in Korea and Afghanistan are totally pointless, ‘Like Vietnam, this war may not be won’. Some people however don’t agree. People argue that the reason why our efforts in Vietnam failed where because of the lack of support towards the America/Australian Military protection forces. In World War 2, the United States weren’t fighting against Japanese and German soldiers in and attempt to help to make those countries better areas.

The objective was to defeat there army forces, destroy their capability and keep preventing, just as the particular North Thai were trying to do to the South Vietnamese. Universe war ll was a much simpler war than Vietnam. Presently there enemies had been easier to discover and the United States felt obliged to use firepower at its disposal and destroy innocent people. Suddam Hussein (the sixth president of Iraq), acquired ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

Hussein purchased the Iraqi troops to attack the country of Kuwait. The United States looked after Kuwait in the Persian Conflict against Korea. On Drive 19th, the year 2003, the United States bitten Iraq. The United States used national security since an excuse pertaining to fighting. Afghanistan had terrorist training camps run by Taliban govt.

Also, Hussein supposedly had ‘Mass Weapons of Destruction’. Due to Australia being of that ilk with the Usa, it was Australia’s right to help America away. This is where each of them went wrong; it was gonna turn into one more Vietnam Conflict again.

Two countries stepping onto overseas land, struggling against foreign people, who had been hard to spot and who had been also hard to find. Over time, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, the united states/Australian soldiers are trying to win wars while showing up to help people and are fighting against enemies who are hard to identify against the civilians, just like they did in Vietnam. With such impractical goals, it may be impossible to ever file victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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