The influence of ethics on decision-making Essay


Ethics influences everyone’s decision making techniques. There are three views of ethics and decision making; functional view, proper rights view and right watch of integrity. Each perspective has its own advantages and limits. Utilitarian view on one hand is targeted on productivity and end result, privileges view is targeted on various person rights and justice view focuses on fair distribution of cost and benefit. ‘Ethics are involved in a large number of facets of an enterprise: decision making, settlement, marketing and revenue, financial reporting, personnel, appraisal, and management.

Managers and other employees should be able to begin to see the ethical concerns in the alternatives they encounter, make decisions within an ethical framework, and build and maintain a great ethical work environment. ‘[1] Anybody or director would consider any decision based on his knowledge, experience, cultural and social background and � his own point of view of honest and unethical. Decision making can be complex in the case where decisions and ethical criteria will be contrast to one another. Technology offers blessed work environment by minimizing paper operate, increasing effeicieny in terms of rate and price.

Increasing competitiveness has pressurised companies to minimize cost and improve quality which is possible with technology. Technology similarly has given so much for the working environment alternatively it also becomes reasons of stress pertaining to workers. Any kind of new technology offers fear to the people who are not technologically experienced. “”Adjusting to new technologies-like the Web, sites, personal communications-that have condensed today’s place of work is creating new needs on employees, and that’s causing more stress. “[2] Pressure of deadlines and meet fresh demands sets pressure upon workers which usually influences all their personal and professional life and causes stress among them.

Reference point:  Sims, Ronald R, (1994), Ethics and Organizational Decision Making: A Demand Renewal., Majorite Books: Westport, CT. Syndication, pg 4-6 Workplace trends: Technology boosts workplace anxiety retrieved upon 31 January 2007 by http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3840/is_199910/ai_n8869850 [1] Sims, Ronald R, (1994), Ethics and Organizational Making decisions: A Demand Renewal., Emancipation Books: Westport, CT. Newsletter, pg 4-6 [2] Workplace trends: Technology increases workplace stress recovered on 23 January 3 years ago from http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3840/is_199910/ai_n8869850

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