The Hundred Years Battle, a critical element of our background. It was awful and never ending. This warfare changed the social and economic status of many countries over this long period of time. Many persons died, if not in the war then from the frightful disease known as The Black Death. The war changed the English language and England people’s lives forever.

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Joan of Arc, a French peasant girl that brought the supreme French success. She claimed that The almighty spoke to her, and informed her that Full Charles VII had to be crowned and if french soldiers ended cursing and doing mischievous things, then they will eliminate the English language.

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The French men listened to what she needed to say and the English left France. In Documents six and several we are offered the words that Mary wrote to the king. She wrote those inside a challenging tone, requesting the full of Great britain to return all of the things this individual took away from your French persons.

Document 6 says “She is sent by Goodness to claim back the hoheitsvoll blood, and is fully able to make peace, if you will give her pleasure.  In document several it says “King of England, if you do not do these items, I are the leader of the army and in what ever place I shall get your males in France, I will cause them to become flee the country.  Which means that Joan desired everything that was taken fromFrance back, in case the King refused to return these types of she endangered him with God. The lady was saying if the British do not follow to her phrases they will be hurt by the power of God.

France didn’t actually benefit from the warfare, they were mainly harmed because of it. In documents 1, several, 5 we could told about the English intrusion in France. In document a few it says “These mischievous people hence assembled with out captain or perhaps armor swindled, brent and slew every gentlemen that they could put hands on, and compelled and ravished ladies and damsels.  In documents one particular and five we are likewise told that because the English language had simply no mercy and killed everyone including farmers, there was no longer agriculture in France.

Each of the lands were uncultivated. The sole agriculture that was kept was subsequent to metropolitan areas and urban areas so thieves wouldn’t have the ability to steal crops. At the end of war England regained all of the lands which were taken away from their store by Britain. The only community that they didn’t want to regain was Calais. The French reconquered Normandy and kicked out the English from Aquitaine.

This tragic war that lasted 100 years seemed like it will never end, but it would. It had bad consequences intended for both Great britain and France. Sometimes it actually seemed like no-one even recalled what it was caused by. It all started fromEngland and Portugal not being able to make the decision who well deserved the Aquitaine. Maybe if they did, every thing could of turned out in a different way. Maybe all of these innocent persons wouldn’t of died by a horrific death and would of lived happily.

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