The Elimination of the Electoral College Essay


While using recent political election, a controversy has come up about the getting rid of the Electoral College. The Electoral School is made up of a team of electors where they choose the President and the Vp based on the states well-liked vote for the candidate. You will find 538 Electoral College ballots and in order to succeed the selection, a candidate need to have a majority of 270 votes to become the President.

When Us citizens cast their very own vote, they may be actually sending your line votes to get the electors who will after that cast their particular votes for the prospect. So , what’s the issue? Well, the issue is that, The current system gets the problem that presidential campaigns concentrate on only ten from the fifty declares, and at least four out of five People in america are ignored of the means of deciding who their leader should be, according to John Koza.

In this election alone, President Obama and Governor Romney have went to Ohio a total of seventy-one times because Ohio was obviously a major battleground state. To include on, statistics show that Director Obama and Governor Romney have spent about ninety- five percent of their time and money in simply ten out of your fifty says. Why? Because those arena states include citizens who have are unsure as to which in turn candidate they have to vote for, although most of the people in other says are determined. Now, let’s say that there was no electoral college and the candidates received by popular vote, probably they will spend a lot of their time and money campaigning in greatly populated areas such as the New England says, the Southern, and the Western world Coast.

This kind of unit has mostly recently been about general public opinion and political involvement. It has also been about the election. All of us learned just how people pick the president and we got an over-all idea regarding the Electoral College. The Electoral School plays an enormous role in an election.?nternet site mentioned inside the first section, the electors vote for a candidate based on the states well-liked vote. Take Virginia for instance , if you were to check out the areas, you would notice that a majority of them voted to get Governor Romney.

If you were to check out the seriously populated (urban) areas like Richmond or D. C., they the best performer for Chief executive Obama. So , what candidate did the electors place their prefer? President Obama.

Just by looking at the map, one would feel that Virginia the best performer republican. The Electoral College or university was an agreement between the political election of a candidate by a vote in Our elected representatives and the election of a prospect by popular vote of citizens. I’m sure that when the Electoral College was formed, no one inhibited the justness of it. The popular vote is basically being spilt from the Electoral College political election.

In my opinion, the Electoral College should be removed because it must not be electors coming from each point out deciding the fate of the country. It ought to be the residents deciding the end result of an political election because after all, that is why were allowed to election. I feel that though we are in order to vote, the vote doesn’t really rely because of the Electoral College. Voting is a great way for our votes to be read and to physical exercise one of the many rights, but if the Electoral College is usually eliminated, then we might as well not have your vote.

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