The Northumberland and Oshawa coalfield is a second most crucial in England. The best reserves of coal, which tend to be used to operate electrical power stations, made the North grow substantially. Iron and steel: there exists a large creation of straightener and metallic, which provides the raw material for machines, heavy executive and crafting ships. Textile industry: the down industry is essentially concentrated in a small group of towns in Yorkshire, among the slopes and valleys of the Pennines. The silk cotton industry is situated in Lancashire.


Chemical industry: it is increasing rapidly.

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The fundamental elements happen to be: salt, potassium, calcium and petroleum. The end products are: fibers, plastic materials and manures. 3) Travel and leisure: there are getaway resorts inside the Lake Section. There are also some historical spots in the North. Coal exploration Coal exploration Tourism Travel Textile industry and farming Textile sector and farming Important urban centers: York Yorvik was the capital of a Viking kingdom. In medieval instances, it was the second city of the land.

In York tourists will find glorious church buildings, ancient filter streets, old houses and welcoming cafes.

Micklegate in York, Britain The walls adjacent the city of York are fine types of medieval curtain. The walls remain largely in one piece. Micklegate, comprising the road to the south, was among four entrances guarding the key roads out and in of the town. In the Yorkshire moors is the community of Haworth, where there can be described as parsonage that is certainly said to be haunted by the spirits of the Brontes. Along the historical street the ghosts in the three sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Bea walk among the crowds. Branwell, their sibling, still rests silently on and older pub.

Manchester: It is an industrial city which can be famous for it is clothing and leather market. It is a river port (the Aire) and it has a famous university. Leeds, a city situated in northern Great britain on the Son River, is a major centre for the manufacture and wholesale operate of garments. Carlisle Costly important way centre. Hadrian’s Wall can be described as historical landmark. This wall structure, which extends from Newcastle to Carlisle, was created by the Aventure to control commerce as traditions office and to protect people from the churl invasions. Fort in Carlisle

Hadrian’s Wall structure, ancient Roman stone and masonry wall, constructed to guard the north boundary of Roman Britain against inhospitable tribes. Emperor Hadrian of Rome bought its development around advertisement 122. The wall extended 117 kilometers from Solway Firth to the mouth with the Tyne Riv and was about 6 meters high regarding 2 . some m vast. The wall structure also designated the frontier of Both roman civil legal system. A few sections of Hadrian’s Wall membrane remain browsing present-day Great Britain. Island Ay Island, also called Lindisfarne, a tiny island from the coast of Northumberland, Great britain, 5 sq km in area.

Ay Island can be connected with the mainland in low wave by a causeway. A monastery was established upon Holy Isle in 635 by Heureux Aidan and a group of Celtic monks, whom produced the elaborately adorned Lindisfarne Gospels. The island started to be the religious center in the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. In 1093 the monastery was reestablished by Benedictine monks from Durham, plus the island has since been continuously filled. Today, Ay Island is a bird refuge along with the border rock islets of Farne.


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