The Compassion Gap in American Poverty Policy Essay


I really believe that the authors of this article suggest by “dream divide” would be that the distribution of income and wealth in america have become more unequal, which can make those living in poverty come with an even smaller chance of attaining their American Dream. There are numerous reasons why the indegent people have these kinds of a hard time stepping out of this situation.

The first cause is the “Temporary Aid to Needy People (TANF) focus on moving persons from “welfare to work” has led to a serious decline inside the numbers of people receiving benefits and a huge drop in fund help the poor. Another is that the TANF program gets to too few people among those that are eligible for the program. This kind of make the poor have even more chance of reaching their American Dream. The 3rd reason is a price increase in housing, top quality child care, advanced schooling, and medical health insurance. The poor will most likely not able to manage to have these kinds of services as a result of shortage of the bucks.

The fourth explanation is that the subsidized housing is given to 25 percent of those who require it as well as the current spending budget proposal might cut a lot of financing for this system. As a result, even more poor people could have no place to live because of the a result of the budget minimize. The 6th reason is the fact many of the households did not obtain the Earned Tax Credit (EITC), due to the fact that that they don’t possess a person in their people that are able to gain several 1000s of dollars per year. The factors that may cause this kind of are: insufficient child care, lack of employment, illness, and an poor between task demands and available skills. The last cause is that the lowest wage doesn’t increase together with the rise from the inflation.

Poor people will have a difficult time to find the enough income to pay bills because they do not are able to afford to pay out them.

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