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Cliptomania, LLC is a web store that only sells clip on earrings (which are also called non punctured earrings) through the entire United States, Canada, Ireland, Quotes, and Fresh Zealand. In late 1999, the Santo family ” dad Jim, mom Candy, and daughter Christy started their particular e-business together with the name Cliptomania in New Jersey. Now Cliptomania is operated through the lower handle of their home in Indianapolis. Although starting a new organization was not convenient, and they had no familiarity with e-business, but with the willpower, patience and enthusiasm, these were successful.

So far, Cliptomania has become the most successful Web store advertising clip-on ear-rings (Brown, Dehayes, Hoffer, Matn, Perkins, 2012). However , to get such success, they had to experience a lot of problems and issues. Strategic issues and recommendations

There are some strategic issues and also challenges that the Santo friends and family had to encounter to start and develop the Cliptomania web store. Preparing and taking care of the WebsiteWithout knowledge or perhaps experience with THIS background to produce and manage a website, starting e-business with only bucks 10, 1000 capital expense, as well as costly fee to get hiring the IT consultant, the Imagen family made a decision to pay a vender pertaining to hosting the store.

As a result, Cliptomania began as a Google! Store with the URL Cliptomania. com. 5 years ago, The Santos decided to go for a new world wide web service provider ” NetProfits Internet Consulting firm, because of having problems with the Bing! ‘s services and elevating in costs of Bing!.

Besides, NetProfits company supplied them lower cost and better services. As a result, Cliptomania had the new WEB ADDRESS Cliptomania. net. But after having a short time, the Santos threw in the towel the new LINK and delivered the old one, because they realized that the loss they got was more than cost that they saved. The primary reason was that the URL Cliptomania. com utilized as a great indirect hyperlink to transfer to Cliptomania. net, and this alter seriously damaged Cliptomania’s Google relevancy ratings, which showed theimportant, important and reliable web pages. The transfer hyperlink could be seen as a spam internet site by Google’s PageRank technology.

As a result, Cliptomania disappeared from the top 75 of Yahoo relevancy ranks and would not receive attention by a lots of potential customers (Brown et approach., 2012). Recommendation: Having the web hosting service can bring e-business many benefits, such as low repair because there is no need to hire a webmaster, and problems with equipment or software program are world wide web service provider’s responsibilities. Therefore, it also helps e-business keep costs down such as the reliability, backup and server routine service costs, along with reduce risks. The e-business is able to deliver ideas, products to the entire world using a well laid out world wide web network, and a business also gets machine space to store files. Besides, website hosting also contains shopping buggies for ecommerce sites, discussion boards, communities and chat solar panels.

These features help in conntacting the customers and knowing their views on this website. Moreover, an additional crucial advantage of website hosting is definitely the e-business owner gets something that gives him or her email accounts. This is an ideal way of establishing elektronische geschäftsabwicklung professionalism and in addition it increases a good of buyer reliability, mainly because customers can get back to e-business through the email in case there is any situations (WebFocus Alternatives, Inc, and. d. ).

Because of these rewards, I think that web hosting service can help the Santos save a lot of time to do crucial things, such as finding approaches to maintain and continuously improve product and service top quality, as well as producing attractive promotions to retain loyal customers, attract new customers and make a differentiation with other competitors. Creating their own site is not a good idea for them, and if they need to find another web company, they should study from previous encounter and consider every factor carefully. (I can recommend “iPage ” the best web hosting service in 2014, according to “editors review. org) Finding reliable online payment method

At the beginning, the Santos chose Paymentech company, which is integrated with Yahoo! because their partner. Paymentech company’s responsibility is to confirm the credit-based card in order to make certain the customer address on the order is the same as the billing talk about of the visa or mastercard. After Cliptomania accepted the order, Paymentech collected the amount of money from thecredit card company and deposited it in Cliptomania’s bank account once a week. This was an extremely essential issue for the Santos in order to avoid fraudulent orders, which could generate any elektronische geschäftsabwicklung suffer heavily. Besides, the combination among Yahoo! and Paymentech may detect and eliminate most fraudulent transactions, so this was the best assortment for the Santos at that time. However , in 2004, that they realized that Paymentech was extremely expensive and difficult to utilize.

Therefore , they will chose Volkswagen group which provided lower cost and better support for significant financial savings than Paymentech (Brown et al., 2012). Having a dependable and facile partner intended for online repayment was also an important factor that helped the Santos operate their elektronische geschäftsabwicklung smoothly. Suggestion: I do not need much familiarity with online payment method in United States. Although I think if the Santo is having the very good cooperation romance with Volkswagen, they should preserve this relationship sustainably down the road. Finding a good partner is definitely not always convenient. However , if perhaps they can find a better company, choosing a better one is the good idea. During my country, only a few people have credit cards, most of them normally have bank account.

Consequently , if people want to order anything through the Net and they stay far from the company, they will visit the bank or perhaps use E-Banking to copy money into e-business’s bank-account. The e-business owner are getting notification that money is usually transferred effectively through TEXT Banking, and then the elektronische geschäftsabwicklung will bunch the product and send to the customer through postal office shooting or different transportations. I really do not know if this way works well in USA or perhaps not. Looking the suppliers and manufacturers

Initially, the Santos encountered the biggest problems to find suppliers for clip-on earrings. Besides, they also would not know anything about jewelry, well-liked styles or fashion. Looking yellow pages around the Internet for jewelry bulk suppliers and producers was not useful. They also met a man who bought overruns and closeouts, but a lot of them were not attractive. After that, they went to a jewelry district in Manhattan. With perseverance, endurance, and maybe a bit luck, that they finally had the opportunity to work with some producers, who offered them clip on earrings that they can could not possess gotten otherwise.

In the year 2003, one manufacturer designed a few exclusive ear-rings for the Santos and since then, they had their ownspecial designs. However , there was an additional problem for them to face ” stocking decisions. Candy located a lot of useful info in the Internet, in addition, she used a great Excel spreadsheet to help her control products on hand, but a lot of issues related to deciding what to share and how very much to purchase still existed (Brown et al., 2012). Recommendation: It is just my opinion, nevertheless I think the Santos should study a course pertaining to jewelry custom made, so that they can style unique types for their e-business and not count too much in manufacturer. Buying a manufacturer might be a complex and difficult challenge on their behalf at the moment, nevertheless at least they should make an effort to familiarize if perhaps they have a probability.

By doing these things, they will not be confused and still have troubles if they unfortunately cannot cooperate with old companies anymore. It also makes their Cliptomania differentiate from the other e-businesses. Besides, many people are allergic to metallic, so the Santos should consider to develop special versions for them (for example: using high-quality plastic material for the clip-ons). With the stocking decision problem, I do believe the Santos can buy even more professional DSS (decision support system) software program for products on hand management in the reliable and reputable organization. They can combine Excel and new DSS software to back up them to make inventory decisions and other points as needed. Developing online marketing strategy on the Internet.

Marketing strategy online is the most important aspect that impacts e-business’s success, because it can bring potential customers to visit one’s online store. The primary approach that prospective customers can find the Cliptomania store is by coming into some keywords such as clip on earrings on the search engines, Yahoo! search engine. Today, there are two ways to assist a web store appear on search engine results ” financed links and relevancy positioned listings. Financed links are definitely the main approach to advertise on the net for Cliptomania. The Santos must bet a specified quantity for when they are clicked on a Google search for a certain search term. The more money that they bid, the greater position among the list of sponsored links they have. As well as the Santos tried to be in the very best three in a number of years. That they found that relevancy entries are also extremely important because they express the value and query-specific relevance of your web store.

The bigger position, a lot more relevant and reliable result. On the other hand, the Santos also used additional marketingapproaches such as setting up another website that contains a lot of information regarding clip-on jewelry to inspire visitors to visit Cliptomania, creating some URLs with names that are a lot like Cliptomania or perhaps clip-on diamond earrings, using the email to send advertising advertising (Brown et al., 2012). Recommendation: Besides above marketing techniques, the Santos should apply more web commerce marketing strategy to widely develop their Cliptomania. According to Adeshara (2014), mobile shopping is becoming a lot more important, and so e-business will need to create sites that worked well decently about mobile devices.

In 2014, persons will see web store owners trying to build sites that positively blossom about smartphones and tablets. Besides, mobile marketing is getting very popular day by day, and a large number of online store owners will start advertising many and companies on mobile phones; they will call and make an attempt to reach as many mobile phone users as is feasible. This is a good method for the Santos to attract even more potential customers. If they do not execute, they can be overtaken by other competitors. Additionally, the Santos can advertise Cliptomania through social networking sites just like Facebook, Facebook, etc ., and concentrate on an extremely large number of people. In my region, many e-businesses usually post their info and internet links about other websites’ forums to attract customers. Growing into overseas markets.

Today, Cliptomania sells clip-on earrings throughout the United Stated, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. However , selling international has some challenges. Language is one of the most difficult difficulties. Although a lot of persons overseas can see and write English, Cliptomania’s overseas sales are restricted to English-speaking countries. Verifying the validity of credit cards of overseas customers can also be a horrible problem. Besides, extra fees, import duties, and larger shipping costs make Cliptomania hard to compete in price with local vendors. Some other problems such as very long delays in clearing persuits (for model: Britain) and theft complications (for case: Mexico) are also major obstructions for the Santos to provide the products (Brown et ing., 2012).

Recommendation: I feel a pity for the Santos because they have to face a lot of difficulties and obstacles in expanding their e-business to overseas marketplaces. In my opinion, Asian countries are very significant and potential market of clip-on ear-rings, especially The japanese, South Korea, Thailand, and so forth Asian people usually like to dress up beautifully and put on jewelry. University rules of some countries are really stringent, girls are not allowed to pierce their ear in countries such as The japanese, South Korea. Besides, Asia is the country that has a large amount of transgender and cross-dresser persons, etc . I do believe most of them just like non pierced earrings. If the Santos can easily overcome the obstacles to trade these countries, they will get very big profits. Nevertheless , I also know that those obstacles are very difficult to conquer. But if they will do that, I am very pleased to buy a lot of Cliptomania’s clip-on earrings. Conclusion

Although encountering a lot of difficulties, which include global financial crisis last year and other challenges in owning a web store, the Santos continue to overcame and Cliptomania is just about the most good web store selling non pierced earrings today. There are many factors which cause Cliptomania’s achievement. The Santos identified and exploited a nice-looking item to trade and they don’t have many rivals. With willpower, patience, eagerness and oneness of Imagen family members, they created a trusted web store with honesty, integrity and exceptional service, as well as the high-quality clip-on earrings by good prices.

In addition, each member of Santos finished their role and managed their particular e-business perfectly. However , the more success they get, a lot more their competition enter this non pierced earrings market. Therefore , they need to maintain and continuously enhance their product and service quality to contend. Besides, they also have to use new e-commerce advertising service to be able to catch up with modern trends, for the reason that web is known as a dynamic and competitive environment for e-businesses.


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