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“Winter is coming” is what it is said in a well-liked television software, but throughout Thailand, the months of November to March will be one of the best times of year to savor a perfect beach front weather and the abundance of sun. Therefore , if you choose working on your tan lines this winter than being bundled up in cold weather and learned about the amazing beach locations of Southeast Asia in a few travel mag, Thailand may be the place to become.

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Asia is a place where east traditions flawlessly blend with the western modern quality. It’s adventurous yet attainable, chaotic but tranquillizing, and lively yet comfortable. Could be country is famous for its peaceful beaches, when there are more than 3, 2 hundred kilometres of coastline to choose from, it can obtain a bit difficult to place the finger over a particular stretch of soft sand shore.

So where are the best beaches in Thailand? The answer to that question is simple, it depends. Whether you are in Thailand for a lazy getaway, once-in-a-lifetime activities or a comfortable honeymoon retreat with your family member, there are plenty of mesmerising beaches through this country which could take care of your holiday requirements.

But before that, let us to answer one thing. Why go to tropical beaches to get winter holidays?

First, you may relax, loosen up and let proceed of the year’s worries. Second, a peaceful, tropical place can give you the much-needed good time to relationship with your family. Third, a clear escape through the usual mill, everyday hustle-bustle, and the winter months blues. Last, discover great places that will give you a new perspective to life. 5th, make fresh friends, and once-in-a-lifetime memories so that you can come back home with loads of tales to share. And ultimately, get yourself a great tan.

You have arrive to the right place if are searching for the best Asia beaches in the winter. Trade your winter overcoats, gloves and boots to get a swimsuit, colours and a summer loath as we will certainly share among the best beaches that will set the tone for the perfect Asia holiday.

From foolproof go-to’s to a few of Thailand’s best-kept secrets, here is the iTraveller’s list of top 7 beach locations in Thailand to help you determine where to seek out the sun this winter.


No matter where you reside in this world, you’ll want heard of Phuket. More than anything else, Phuket is known because of its beaches. Nevertheless not as remote as additional seashores scattered across Asia, the beaches in Phuket is a location where you can meet up with other vacationers and locals while you get pleasure from your holiday.

There are several beaches you can explore in Phuket. The best beaches contain Kata Seaside, Freedom Beach and Sebutan Noi Seaside. These seashores have it all ” fabulous soft sands, nodding palms, emerald green waters and a fantastic laid-back atmosphere.

Kho Chang

Kho Chang is a remote, less-populated tourist destination in Thailand. Contrary to the bustling Phuket, that only started welcoming vacationers just a little more than two decades in the past. And its a good thing because this is definitely clearly a great untouched area with a organic beauty that every isle destination comes with ” beautiful landscapes, coral formations reefs and beautiful beach locations.

Klong Prao Seaside on this area is the greatest stretch of sand that generally attracts a crowd searching for a quiet atmosphere.

Koh Tao

In the event that scuba diving can be your thing, then you should produce a beeline for Koh Tao. Koh Tao is the diving capital of Thailand. Here you can earn a PADI scuba recognition. Fun fact, when it comes to the number of certificates issued worldwide, Koh Tao comes second only to Cairns, Down under.

This island is surrounded by great diving sites where you can swim alongside the sea turtles, discolored boxfish, barracudas, or ever (if lucky) the wonderful whale shark. You can also enjoy snorkelling in the clear blue waters of Kho Tao aside from basking in the sun.

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is a place that website hosts great get-togethers. Widely known due to its Haad Rin Nok Seashore, where on a monthly basis thousands of partygoers descend to engage in one of the world’s biggest boogie party ” The Full Celestial satellite Party.

The shorelines on this area are stunningly beautiful. Be sure to visit the Buddhist temples local if you wish to knowledge serenity along with spirituality during your vacation.

Koh Lipe

It can be quite difficult to narrow down the hunt for Thailand’s most serene and idyllic beach to just one. However the beaches of Koh Lipe island come pretty near to being a single.

Presented in Leonardo DiCaprio’s motion picture, The Beach, the film describes the unspoiled and unmarked beauty of Koh Lipe in all its wonder. With its white colored sandy seashores and small-town vibes, Koh Lipe is definitely one encounter that you should never miss.

Hua Hin

The original destination for Thailand’s beach locations, Hua Hin is ideal for spending some time with your family. This community used to end up being the summer retreat for kings, but also after a 100 years, it is still popular with the local populations and tourists.

The soft sand beaches of Hua Hin are crescent white with crystal clear seas. The entire beach is a big playground for families having young children in fact it is well connected by streets and train.


Imagine beautiful beaches with endless silvery sands, clear shades of green oceans, and scenic islands scattered just kilometres from your coast. Right now imagine all of this on a very much bigger scale, in a very much pristine point out and without the crowd. Which what Krabi is. A less-travelled gem in the southern part of Thailand.

Those who get to Krabi searching for picture-perfect scenery, usually no longer end up giving disappointed. In shorts, Krabi has all the markings to get Thailand’s ideal island.

If you’ve frequented before, you may still be astonished by some of the places we’ve included. Ensure that you check out our cheapest Asia holiday packages that bring you customisable itineraries that suits the expectations and budget.

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