Our company is living in a generation packed with technologies, We are living in a generation that individuals can’t complete our time without using technology, A technology of the beginning of the new world purchase, That have started to become a major problem in our society and effects the way in which we live.

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On the one hand, This makes as unsociable inside the real life; Considering that the beginning of technology, When ever Computers and video games consoles were invented people began to spent additional time in their houses playing electronic games and virtual activities that has did start to make them unsociable in the real world and isolated from the outside activities, And that makes new disorders and disorder such as apathy and a loss of character. Second of all, People Started using technology to chat with their very own friends and beloved once instead of conversing with them personally, and that is to impact our way to get in touch with each other’s.

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Furthermore, People has started to work with technology intended for online shopping, Paying of the bills, and its particular good this saves effort and time but there is disadvantages from it, people utilized to go shopping and meet new people so why doing it now the technology is overtaking. On the second hand, People began to lose their very own jobs to machines that may do the work for them; nowadays people have been replaced by simply machines for the job for example; the coach ticket dude has been replaced for a equipment to do the job, tell in that case unemployment charge has increased. Secondly, based on the American authorities department, equipment robbery have been increased seeing that 1990 till now, because it is easy to take advantage of.

On the other hand, technology has made as over dependent upon our devices; technology had made while over dependent on our gadgets that we are unable to not to check on our cell phones every minute, all of us depend on this in almost everything for example; Nav, Alarm, Calculator, Calendar. It is good to have this systems but what in the event the battery died? Or the phone got stolen? People can get lost in their life and will deal with hard time controlling it.

Second of all, the more persons begin to be based upon computers and other forms of technology for everyday existence. Which means that when a equipment breaks or possibly a computer crashes, humans become almost handicapped until the issue is resolved. This type of dependency in technology places people by a distinct disadvantage, because they become less self-reliant. In conclusion, as seen above, there is nothing perfect.

Every thing can be dark or shiny; positive or negative. This will depend on the way we all deal with it, depending and using technology every day within our lives might cause a lot of problems as mentioned above, we just have to find a way to use it below before and not to be based upon it.

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