Negative essay examples

A number of social media screen a ‘bad boy’ image which contains addiction to drug abuse (drugs and alcohol), violence, emphasis on high-class material belongings and deficiency of moral beliefs. It is this ‘bad boy’ image that severely influences the thoughts of teens. It is very common to find a video of a celebrity portraying […]

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Many people praise the countless technological gizmos that they use in their each day lives. Technology is changing at an extremely fast charge, and what most people would not even think could be real a few years in the past is now to become reality. Cell phones that work more like personal computers, sans making […]

Genetically modified microorganisms refer to microorganisms whose innate components have been changed to create an unpleasant occurrence. Hereditary engineering refers to the technology employed in the alteration of the genetic elements, which as well facilitates the transfer of family genes between related and non-related species. This kind of technology is usually applied in the production […]

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