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Nationalism has received a long record in our country. In our have difficulty for independence, there have been times when solid nationalist emotions fired our people to actions and other periods when nationalism seemed to be ignored. Not only did nationalism as being a sentiment possess its highs and miles, nationalism like a political idea […]

A product/customer focus is known as a pivotal feature that business people must have in order for the business owner themselves and the business to be successful. With that said, an entrepreneur with a product/customer focus is one that plainly understands the needs and wants of their customers and thereby creating and producing products that […]

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Management skill and strong team building abilities tend to be perceived as essential leadership characteristics[3] for good entrepreneurs. Robert B. Reich considers management, management ability, and team-building as necessary qualities of an entrepreneur. This concept has its origins inside the work of Richard Cantillon in his Tentative sur la Mother nature du Business en (1755) […]

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The purpose of this advertising plan is to outline the whole marketing strategy, techniques, and programs for Department of transportation. L Espresso (hereafter, “Dot. L”). Department of transportation. L is known as a specialist Espresso Company that focuses on specialty coffee of Latte, coffee based companies foods as well. Dot. D is a new coffee […]

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