Crazy Eddie Electronics Stores a chattered company, traded under the image CRXY on the New York Stock Exchange. The corporation was under management of Eddie Antara family via 1971 right up until 1987 when ever Oppenheimer-Palmieri Pay for (OPF) took over the company due to proxy put money (Sanburn, 2012). After a extremely short time; however , Oppenheimer-Palmieri Finance management chosen to suspend the whole board of directors beneath the governance with the Eddie Antar family to allow room intended for investigation of the possible deceptive paradigm in the company (Silverstone, 2005).


OPF employed the Apollo Fraudulence Investigation (API) to investigate around the CRXY electronic stores inside control types of procedures functionality to prevent the incidences of ripoffs and mistakes in the provider’s statements. These were also assisted by safeguarding the company’s buyers in view of the Eddie Antar and family members poor administration controls (Albrecht, 2011).

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Right after their preliminary investigations, Apollo Fraud Investigation consulted with Elias Zinn and Victor Palmieri of OPF, as a result reaching a subside on the preceding of the CRZY management that eventually exposed fraud strategies.

Among others the Oppenheimer-Palmieri Fund had been informed the fact that Eddie’s Consumer electronics had a considerable decrease in stock value. This, according to the investigating team was provoked by Eddy Antar family manipulation of the financial statements in order to meet the stock market requirement, also to deceive people on the provider’s financial condition (Albrecht, 2011). In addition , supplier’s credit rating terms with CRXY are not adhered to, and this made collectors to freeze the company credit rating viability. This environment offered as the detective assess to facilitate well established control procedures within the business functions, and to guard the interest from the company. Scope

According to “That Approach Lies Madness by Water wells (2011) Eddie Antar a new history of fraudulence that included “smuggling cash from foreign banks because sales, produced false records to accounts payable, over-stated Crazy Eddie, Inc. ‘s inventory simply by breaking into and altering examine records, had taken credit for merchandise while ‘returned’ while also counting it while inventory, ‘shared’ inventory in one store to boost other stores’ audit counts, arranged for vendors to ship products and defer the billing, besides claiming discounts and advertising credits, and distributed large a lot of merchandise to wholesalers, after that spread the bucks to person stores because retail receipts (p. 296). The SEC, FBI, the Postal Inspection Service plus the U. S i9000. Attorney had taken down the stereos and television sets distributor, but it really was not an easy process.

The Antars created many ways to fraud the system and make Crazy Eddie appear rewarding while camouflaging the truth from the auditors. Eddie Antar had the manufacturers afraid to go against him because he was the “biggest and baddest retail outlet,  this allowed Eddie to fully make use of the system and receiving further discounts and rebates furnished by suppliers (Wells, 2011, s. 296). After all of the deceiving and manipulating, Eddie Antara was present in Switzerland while “David Cohen trying to access $32 mil from his bank account that had been frozen on the request in the U. S i9000. Department of Justice. This individual pleaded responsible after record and was ordered to pay $121 million in damages. Various family members were also ordered to pay damages, and in 2005 Crazy Eddie was sealed evermore (Wells, 2011). Surrounding Factors

The examination was aided by a family competition in the Antara family. Sam Antar was so upset by the activities of his son Eddie Antar, who divorced his first better half and married someone away from Jewish competition; he reported fraud in Crazy Eddie. Fraud was easy enough to find in every region once examiners began searching; however , past auditors have been kept active with girl company in order to avoid them via completing the audit while planned. The testimony of Sam Antar was essential to the fraud examination since it provided spots to start seeking that contained both legit and deceitful transactions so that a small test may not reveal much scams (Antar, 2011).

Past auditorswere too trusting of Crazy Eddie and kept working papers within a lockbox on site that was easy to open permitting management by Crazy Eddie to learn the very best places to hide fraud. Earlier auditors as well allowed Crazy Eddie personnel to rely inventory and recorded their particular inflated count numbers. Overpriced inventory was easy to discover once audit work was performed with no assistance from Crazy Eddie personnel. Fictitious revenue were combined with actual sales in sums that should have been easy to place because fictitious sales were deposited in even $22.99, 000 amounts to bank accounts of various Crazy Eddie Stores. Past auditors believed no enterprise would trouble to put in money that was not by a sale, thus they hardly ever discovered that there are no revenue receipts to back up these deposits (Antar, 2011). Limitations

For an examine to be effective and efficient, evidence collected must be concrete and connect with the storyplot portrayed for the financial transactions. However , as in the case of Crazy Eddie, the story provided in the financial statements may not reveal a proper depiction from the company. Much like the way Barry Minkow fooled investors and auditors in the 1980s (Mulford, & Comiskey, 2002), Crazy Eddie’s story of financial assertion fraud was one of brilliant deception. Naive auditors with limited abilities and teaching were overmatched when trying to examine the books of Crazy Eddie, and believed the reasons offered by Crazy Eddie personnel pertaining to unusual ventures (Wells, 2011). When reviewing and auditing a company’s inventory, the auditor usually follows a process in which products on hand is shown to the auditor in good faith by the business. When inventory is manipulated to fit the description in the financial statements, there is very little an auditor can carry out to detect the fraudulence through financial analysis. Eddie Antar’s right away transferring of inventory from store to store remaining the auditors with very little chance of discovering any fraud upon assessment. Furthermore, combining in fictional discounts along with actual discounts in orders produced further misdirection for the auditors to chase. To put it simply, examinations include its limitations if the business will do everything to commit and conceal scams (Wells, 2011). Conclusions

Firms or those who engage in activities that bring about committingfraudulent functions tend your investment nature and threats that they can imposed in not only themselves but as well the all of the stakeholders who may have interest in the organization. According to Akron (2004), most fraudulent statement acts or fraud actions really are a result of advantage misappropriations in the accounts receivable and the accounts payable departments. Based on the reality presented through this case, it really is concluded that Eddie Antar, the master of Sight and Sound committed various fraudulent statement actions, which involved not him self, but his family, plus the company stakeholders. As a result of these kinds of findings, it is recommended that the activities that Eddie Antara engaged in might have been prevented in the event company acquired practice good ethical tendencies along with good solid integrity and values furthermore to exercising and adhering to rules and policies supply by International Accounting Specifications Board (IASB) and pursuing the General Acknowledgement Accounting Concepts, and building a strong internal control program to entail not only the management and family members yet also the corporation vendors and stakeholders.


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