star battles sci fi essay


Paragraph one particular Audio and technical codes are used to communicate the element of science fictional, through the use of strange characters. This is often shown through the way the camera examines the character to exhibit power and vulnerability, Such as when TWENTY THIRD is covering from the crushed stone people they take a close up of him. This kind of shows that he can vulnerable because the fine sand people usually takes him or else. Another sort of technical unique codes would be the moment there is a low angle considered of if a sand person is on the banana. This shows that the sand individuals are powerful.

One of when audio tracks codes are being used is when the sand persons peak their various language This is used to associated with viewer not familiar with the character and think of all of them as international. Another sort of audio is the tribal music, to show which the sand individuals are coming and make the audience aware of all their presence. These examples of film codes from this scene help to convey this kind of element Of scientific research fiction. Section 2 through the use of unusual settings. This can be demonstrated through the use of music one way would be the sound effects.

Such as when snake is hiding in the drinking water in the trash contractor. It will help to create uncertainty for the viewer, s i9000 they don’t know what will probably happen. Another example when the trash builder is closing, this audio effect helps to create stress and be anxious for the viewer as they wait to find out what happens. Specialized is another code that is used in this scene to assist show the scientific research fiction element of unusual setting. This can be seen when there is also a close up to Han solos tee inside the water.

This shows the viewer that the group happen to be vulnerable and creates suspense for the viewer, One more example of a technical code would be when there is a very long shot of the rash contractor closing in on Ryan Solo, Chewable, princess Leila and Luke, This is example of a specialized code displays the viewers that they are struggling and provides an impressive feeling of anxiousness. All of these samples of film unique codes help to express the particular element of science hype. Paragraph 3 Symbolic and Audio codes are used through the entire scene to convey the element Of science fiction through the use Of great vs .. Bad.

An example Of a symbolic code would be how Dearth Evaders lightfaces is usually red and Obi Wan Kenos in Blue. This kind of symbolizes that Dearth Evader is bad and Obi Wan Kenton is good. An additional example off symbolic code can be shown when Scarcity Evader gets rid of Obi Wan and all that is left is usually Obis coat and Scarcity Evader stomps on it. This kind of symbolizes Obi Wan Kenos power, A good example of an sound code can be shown once there is stop in the motion picture and alloy can hear is the lighteners. This creates suspense to get the audience as well as thus, making them anxious. Another example of an audio code is shown when Henry says not any when Obi Wan Kenton dies.

This shows that Henry cares for him and makes the viewer feel as if it wont be precisely the same with out him, All of these types of film rules help to convey the science fictional element of Very good vs .. Evil, Conclusion In summary film requirements are used through the movie to convey the components of science hype. The portions of science fiction are portrayed by distinct films unique codes and can be noticed particularly in Symbolic, music and technical codes.

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