So why i want to be an army police officer ...

When I first enlisted, I did not understand where my personal military job would take me. Back at that time, I thought that I may only complete my own initial enlistment and move on to other specialist pursuits. However , over the past seven years I have come to embrace everything that the United States armed service stands for. In my opinion that support as an Army officer is a distinguished honor that is surrounded with a rich history of all with served and sacrificed ahead of me.


The very first time I regarded joining the military was shortly after Sept. 2010 11, 2001. I believe I have always a new strong sense of duty and goal, but before 9/11, my way of thinking was individualistic and compartmentalized. The awful events that occurred in that day demonstrated the need for dedicated males and females to provide our region and protect against all enemies, both international and domestic.

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I cannot imagine a better destination to serve our great land than in the U.

S i9000. Army, and I believe that, within the Army, the simplest way I can put all my methods to assistance is as a great officer. I actually possess a various and complete background of experience and training. General Douglas MacArthur once explained, “A general is just as great as the troops below his command word make him.  Being a leader, I prefer to practice the principles of servant leadership generally in most situations. A servant leader is somebody who looks to the needs in the people and asks how they can help them to solve problems and promote self improvement. They place their main focus about people, mainly because content and motivated folks are able to reach their targets and fulfill the collection expectations. It has a direct connection to being an effective Army official.

High quality leadership is critical in order to accomplish the mission and succeed in inspiring soldiers to execute at the optimum of their personal ability level. It is important to stop complacency and continually strive for excellence. Easily am chosen to become an officer in the usa Army, I will draw from my personal experience in the enlisted ranks when I business lead and interact with soldiers under my order. It is my personal goal to strive to become the best gift I can end up being and employ all specialist advancement possibilities that are available in my opinion. All officers are troops first and i also will make it a priority to consider this and also to live by Army key values no matter where my career as a great officer takes me.

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