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From research learned, identify (3) marketing environment forces effects Snickers. Mars Chocolate. Identify force evaluate impact product/service. Explore tactics overcome risks capitalize options

Snickers: Market forces

Problems about weight problems

The rising global weight problems epidemic features caused wonderful concern regarding too much ingestion of ‘junk’ food. Snickers traditionally publicized itself along the lines of many strength bars, as being a treat that ‘really satisfied’ the consumer by offering a portable, speedy source of energy. Yet , now there are many popular strength bars offering nutritional pubs with bigger levels of healthy proteins and decrease levels of carbs than a bag of chips. The trend toward eating healthier has also induced an exploding market of lightweight snacks such as cut-up grouped together fruits, individually-sized hummus, and also other snack foods with higher levels of nutrition than Snickers bars.

Candy is being banned in several schools – from school vending machines as well as from Halloween and Valentine’s Day celebrations (Vilsack Wilson 2010). There are also cell phone calls to bar candy marketing and support in schools, potentially undercutting demand for Snickers amongst the next generation. Regardless, it is unlikely that Mars will ever be able to market their standard Snickers bag of chips again like a healthy, quasi-energy bar which could satisfy hunger. In response to the growing concern about health and a wish for more nourishing products, Mars has introduced the Snickers ‘Marathon’ energy pub which claims to have true nutritional value. Yet , given the numerous competitors inside the energy club market, it is questionable if perhaps Snickers can hope to overtake Power Bars because it is still associated with ‘candy’ and ‘sugar’ than with overall health. To address health issues in the future, Mars has removed its super-sized candy pubs: “The company that generates MMs, several Musketeers, Snickers and Twix bars provides vowed to halt shipping any Mars candy products that exceed 250 calories every portion by the end of 2013” (Mars sets Snickers pubs on a diet, 2012, CNN).

Interest in premium chocolate numerous general public

Customers have developed even more discerning palates regarding candy. Chocolate bars now list whether they are milk or perhaps dark, and the percentage of cacao around the label, which in turn would have recently been unthinkable when Snickers was

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