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Indentured Servants, Emancipation Déclaration, New Britain Colonies, Municipal War Girls

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By 1861 the personal and financial disagreement about the issue of slavery found a head and the civil war began. During the city war slaves fought in both the confederate and union armies.

In 1862 and 1863 respectively President Lincoln subsequently issued executive orders called the emancipation proclamation. These proclamations fundamentally set slaves in the the southern area of states free of charge.

By 1865 the civil war ended and by This summer of 1865 most slaves were freed.

As it pertains to economics, it is important to understand the establishment and perpetuation of slavery was always regarding monetary gain. Slaves provided land owners with entry to abundant and free labor. Not having to pay people for labor results in increased profitability. Throughout the 1600’s colonist first started to understand the economical benefits associated with slavery and slaves started to be more valuable than indentured servants (Boskin). The value of slaves increased mainly because slaves could be servants perpetually while indentured servants only had to be employed by an established length of time. The primary reasons why the detrimental war took place had to do with our economy of the to the south and the dread that it could hardly survive in the absence of slaves. During the detrimental war and throughout renovation the plantations of the southern suffered tremendously and eventually achieved their demise. However , some of the wealthiest families in America today have slave labor while the foundation of their wealth. The contribution of yankee slaves towards the building of America’s economy has never been fully acknowledged or perhaps understood.

Via a interpersonal standpoint, dark-colored people in America will always be viewed as a substandard race of folks. Throughout the 1600’s blacks weren’t treated equally and the business of a legal paradigm by which black people could be cared for as just property, perpetuated these ideas of inferiority. During reconstruction (1866-1877) American society was obviously a difficult place for blacks to exist; black people did not learn how to be free and white-colored people did not know how to live with and around black people who were not slaves (Reconstruction as well as Aftermath). There is often a immense amount of tension and hostility toward blacks because White servant owners no longer had unrestricted use of free labor which greatly reduced or occasionally completely eliminated the profitability of their plantations (Reconstruction and its Aftermath).

By 1877, racial worries were continue to apparent and black individuals were sill seen and inferior. Some blacks moved to the north nevertheless mass immigration to the north did not occur until much later in American history.


Boskin T. Into Captivity: Racial Decisions in the Va Colony M. B. Lippincott Company Phila.: 1976.

Renovation and its Consequences.

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