Schools As Organisations Essay


1 . 1 . Determine the main types of state and independent schools.

You will discover four types of popular state schools – these are generally funded by the local authorities which are maintained colleges and follow the National Curriculum: – Community schools 1 ) 2 Describe the characteristics of the different types of universities in relation to educational stage(s) and school governance Schools across England happen to be funded and managed in different ways and will vary depending on the age of your child Community colleges – work by the local authority, which will employs institution staff, possesses the property and buildings, and units the access criteria i. e. with admissions upon catchment location Foundation and trust colleges – these are run by a governing physique which sets the access criteria. Land and structures are either owned by the governing body system or with a charitable base.

Trust educational institutions are similar although run with an outside physique, usually an enterprise or charitable trust and these types of form a great educational trust. Voluntary universities – these are generally religious or faith schools and work as a basis school my spouse and i. e. having a governing body system that engages staff and sets the entrance conditions. The complexes and area are usually owned by a charitable organisation, often the cathedral Specialist schools- state extra schools often specialise elizabeth. g. the Gilberd is actually a Mathematics and computer university. Independent schools Academies – these are individually managed together with a local power and the govt Department for Children, Schools and Families.

2 . 1 Illustrate roles and responsibilities of: a) School governors b) Elderly Management Crew This team works carefully with the Brain Teacher to ensure curriculum and policies will be delivered through the entire school – we have a Head of Maths, SENCO, head of Foundation, deputy head tutor. There are regular meetings to discuss issues and is also based in compliance with the school improvement program which is then communicated through the entire school to teachers and support staff c) Various other statutory jobs e. g. SENCO Additionally, there are required staff roles which can be legally needed to fulfil the staffing structure of the college. Apart from the head teacher and deputy, both others are SENCOs and in primary educational institutions, the Foundation Level Manager.

The SENCO is in charge of managing and monitoring the provision for anyone with particular needs inside the school – this includes risk assessments, liaising with other specialist, IEP and keeping of records. Also reviewing is vital to the pupil’s progress for all those on the Early Years or School Action and Action As well as the Foundation Stage Manager’s position is to ensure that it is getting run according to the lawful requirements of the Early Years Basis Stage file.

This includes findings, assessments and record keeping. d) Educators Teachers have the responsibility of planning and the preparation of lessons ideas to ensure the program is being implemented in accordance with the pupils age group, ability and so forth which include each of the subjects needed by the Countrywide Curriculum. e) Support Personnel The number of support staff in the schools can be increasing – this is due to the extra funding by the government regarding children’s requires, the support that educators require in relation to delivering the lesson plans, midday assistants and catering team, administrative staff, site director, HLTAs and so forth. 2 . 2 . Describe the roles of external pros who may go with a institution e. g. educational psychiatrist There are a large range of external specialists who may go in the institution on a regular basis – at our institution I have familiarity with our play therapist and Speech and language support.

Play Specialist Meets with an individual basis under the direction of SENCO with individuals that require support – this can be to use perform, advise on tactics etc . that help the student coupe even more readily whether it be with anger, personal issues or problems at home Talk and Vocabulary Therapists These professionals work with pupils with talk, language and communication problems – we have a close hyperlink with EXPERT at the major care trust and help support teachers/support staff with expertise to be able to support a child inside the development and improvement with speech. 3. 1 Define the taking care of of: a few.

2 Identify with illustrations how educational institutions may show and uphold their aims At Highwoods Community Primary School its affirmation is “LEARNING FOR LIFE”. The school values our children and believe that they deserve to understand and attain their complete potential within a stimulating environment where they will thrive from this secure, happy and enjoyable school. The school should be the key to a successful and fulfilling your life.

Successful, content and self-employed children To build up confident, 3rd party and state children ensuring a strong sense of do it yourself fulfilment and high self-esteem 3. 3. Describe with examples just how schools may well demonstrate and uphold all their values These kinds of must be disseminated as much as possible and shown in our website as well as within just school – we often raise money for charities, work with Tesco’s, inspire parental support within the institution and with the PTA we have the Christmas and summer season fete. These kinds of give us for you to involve the neighborhood community. four.

1 Determine the laws and regulations and rules of practice affecting operate schools Universities are obliged to operate underneath current law and legislation – most of these are directly linked to the wellness and achievement of pupils: 4. 2 . Describe just how laws and codes of practice enhance pupil well being and achievemen t Educational institutions are like any other organisation and obliged to control under current laws and legislation – most of these are linked to the health and wellness and successes of pupils as as listed above. This is why each of our school works how it can and indicates the policies written.

Institution Policies in Highwoods Community Primary University 5. you Describe so why schools possess policies and procedures Every schools, like other organisations, are required to include a range of policies and procedures due to the legal need so that we all meet current legislation. Likewise most importantly that parents, staff, governors while others that are involved work via a clear pair of guidelines. Also that they are examined regularly – all our procedures are listed above.

These can be seen on the website and everything outline the reason, aims and staff which might be responsible. five. 2 . Recognize the guidelines and techniques schools may possibly have relating to: a) Staff b) Scholar Welfare c) Teaching and Learning County 6: 2 describe the role of schools in national guidelines relating to children, young people and families It can be expected the fact that school demonstrates that it is working from the countrywide policies that relate to kids, young people and families. This can be a very structure that the school us to build up its policies which are used to operate a vehicle its is designed and ideals.

6: 3 describe the roles of other organisations working with kids and teenagers and how these kinds of may influence on the work of schools Those inside include: Cultural services – they make a web link with the institution where it becomes necessary for those to share details or prepare for court proceedings. They also liaise with SENCO to provide support and guidance. Children’s Providers – They are really linked to Every Child Issues in addition to education, well being, social solutions, early years and childcare. Nationwide Health Service – including speech specialist, physiotherapist and occupational therapist

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