Save girl child to save your future Essay

India is growing dynamically in every field. Today, the boom in economy, impressive technologies and improved facilities has become nation’s pride.

In India dynamic and attractive universities, We. I. I actually. T’s, Colleges & Colleges were installation to changing the global tendencies.

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The country features witnessed advancements in all fields but tendency against a girl child continues to be prevailing in the country. In order to improve the condition of a female child in India. Many NGO’s, Declares govt. & Central govt. launches Conserve the Girl Kid Campaign to arrest suffering sex percentage. But to conserve girl kid it is essential to ascertain the root cause of the backwardness of the world.

Being a men interested world, family’s desire to have a male child to transport forth the ancestral traditions. The first question father and mother ask in the birth of the kid, in all world all over the world, is actually the same “is it a boy or girl”. If boy then entire family observe that day time with welcome zeal and for girl child wise-versa.

After marriage girl has a limited role to learn in the business affairs of a slim minded classic family and consequently her talents get lost. The Indian law has always been forceful in implying the privileges from the lady associates of the society. Its disgrace for us that “Bharat Mata ki Beti ko apne Astitva ke liye sangharsh karna cushion raha hai”. But young lady child be save if the mentality of common person toward woman changed. Save the girl child because if there is no girl then how would we certainly have mother.

Children means, keeping mothers therefore, saving region.

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