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Robin Bonnet

We are all knowledgeable about Robin Hood and his music group of “merry men. ” Their creed to “rob the wealthy and give towards the poor” was heroic and honorable throughout a time if the poor in britain were being taxed beyond all their means and suffering in squalor.

Nevertheless, Robin Hood’s infamy has created a series of problems for his band of ‘bandits’ and also himself. “The increasing scale the music group was a way to obtain satisfaction for Robin, although also a method to obtain concern” (Thompson Strickland, 2003).

It is hardly surprising either, since people are drawn to the honor of helping poor people and currently taking their own vengeance on the Sheriff of Nottingham. Still, Robin Hood’s growing concern is usually valid.

The band of “merry men” worked before because it was obviously a ‘band’ once more they are growing in numbers, all their source of haven and operate: the forest, is enduring. Food is becoming scarce and ‘victims’ will be avoiding the forest.

Portion of the strategy the “merry men” would have got, was that of surprise, so that as Sun Tzu said in The Art of War: “Rapidity is the essence of war: take advantage of the enemy’s unreadiness, choose a way by unexpected routes, and harm unguarded spots” (Griffith, 1996). In essence, it is time for Robin Hood to rethink his current approach as his company extends if this individual wants to continue ‘robbing from the rich, and giving to the poor’.

Rethinking a new approach would require Robin to review his current situation. At the moment, he must downsize his band to be able to continue using their current mission.

Robin Cover has been presented a new quest in exchange pertaining to amnesty, which could be effective if Robin the boy wonder Hood could secure work security of some kind for him fantastic men. There is growing politics unrest inside the area, and it would be a matter of time before Prince John and Sheriff of Nottingham would be taken off their positions.

The return of California king Richard the Lionheart could ensure a happier land, and less political stress around the poor and that would place Robin fantastic “merry men” out of any job.

Thus would a new mission have his welfare? I believe thus. The current mission is baring thin revenue as individuals have become aware of the ‘dangers’ from the forest. Consequently , Robin Hood must first downsize his band, and re-establish a new area to operate in.

The band of “merry men” is also battling within their ranks. With the deficiency of ‘work’ as well as the growing figures, it is turning into harder to arrange and revenue sharing is definitely suffering. Robin Hood had delegated very well. “Will Scarlet was in fee of brains and searching…. Little Ruben kept discipline among the guys and observed to that that all their archery

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