Review on the ATLAS Student Portal

Review on the ATLAS Student Portal

The ATLAS Student Portal is a website with educational information for the current students of the Fresno Unified School District. It is advisable for all learners to be registered at the portal. If it happened that you forgot your username or password he should contact your teacher, a librarian or office staff.

This web source contains details about pupil’s recent grades and grades from previous semesters, grade point average history, schedule, assignments, current attendance for the last 45 days, district and state test results, and others. Are you curious about your progress toward graduation? There is no more need to ask anybody to give you such details, the website has a tab displaying the progress of high school credits.

Not only the portal provides information about your learning progress, but it also is a kind of game. You can earn points and badges for visiting the portal, attendance, and grades. Keep up with your friends by making Connections.

In case of any emergencies, the student portal contains emergency contact details with phone numbers and addresses.

Review on the ATLAS Student Portal

Contacts of the ATLAS Student Portal

The portal provides with the following contact information:

About ATLAS Student Portal

The ATLAS portal contains educationally related information of children of different grades, from K-12. This is the reason why it has an easy to use interface and simple design. Moreover, there is a mobile version available, designed especially for the students to view their grades, schedule, attendance, and more, at any time they want.

The whole portal is divided into such tabs:

  • Summary
  • Strides
  • Point History
  • Leaderboard
  • Cred
  • Connections
  • Feed History
  • Assessments
  • Attendance
  • Grades

These tabs group all educational details, so that even pupils of elementary schools are able to find what they need.

To log in for the first time, you must contact the school office, and they will provide you with the user name and password.

Program Description of Fresno Unified School District

The FUSD comprises of more than 100 schools, which include elementary, middle, and high schools. Because of such an amount of establishments, it is impossible to give a detailed description of all programs. To get the needed information, contact the school you want. The contact information is located on the FUSD website and the student’s portal.

The district has an Extended Learning Department, which provides opportunities to gain knowledge after the usual day of learning. It offers Summer School and After School Programs. Moreover, there is an Advanced Placement program at comprehensive high schools. It is a program offering college-level courses. For additional information contact the academic counselor.

For the learners of elementary and middle schools, the district offers a Gifted and Talented Education Program. The aim of this program is to provide gifted students with acceleration, enrichment, and challenge to meet all their needs.

Besides, FUSC has a great Athletics Program. The district understands that athletics is an essential part of the educational process. It improves the physical and mental well-being of the students and teaches them to be constructive members of society.

About Fresno Unified School District

FUSD is an organization providing more than 74,000 students with education. It has more than 100 institutions and comprises of grades from preschool to 12 grade. Now Robert G. Nelson is the head of the district. Also, it is lead by a 7-member board. It is a very diverse establishment, with more than 59 languages spoken by learners.

Every educational establishment that belongs to this district is committed to making sure that every student learns at his grade level and higher and teachers are able to educate children at the needed level. Also, safety is the top priority here. It is a place of diversity, educational excellence, responsibility, collaboration. The main goal of this district is to ensure that every child is on target to graduate.

The FUSD also provides with great English Learner Services. They ensure that every foreign student gets the proper research-based, high-quality instructions leading to academic success. The top primary languages of the English learners are Spanish, Hmong, and Lao. The programs include English Language Development, Dual Language Immersion, Early Exit Bilingual, Strategic Academic and Literacy, Hmong Heritage, Newcomer Education.

The district has a Constituent Services Office. It is an establishment that resolves issues, complaints and provides with answers to the questions directed to the

Board of Education. Parents, guardians, employees and community members may request any information from the Constituent Services.

Food is an essential part of being healthy. This district does everything to offer students healthy and nutritional meals. All menus have been created by licensed dieticians. They are always fresh and prepared right at the Nutrition Center. Around 80% of the students of this district receive free or reduced-cost meals. The district can prepare 82,000 meals daily.

Reviews for Fresno Unified School District

Many students claim their overall educational experience at the schools of the FUSD was positive. This district is filled with very diverse people. Diversity has taught the learners to understand people’s backgrounds, how to be open-minded to new things and they learned about many new cultures and religions. Also, this diversity helped to prepare students for life after graduating, because everything is diverse out there. Students for whom English isn’t the native language, say the school helped a lot with learning the language. Moreover, they helped every step of the way, from kindergarten to filling out applications for college.

The teaching staff is very welcoming, good at educating and do a great job of inspiring students, also the staff aids students with any of their needs. But some of them think there were teachers that didn’t like teaching their subjects, which is why many of the students failed. This topic is very controversial, it is impossible to state that all the teachers were good, or bad.

A big disadvantage of the FUSC is that some of the institutions are lacking in funding. They say the possible reason for this is because the school is located in a poorer region. For example, Roosevelt High School is famous for the arts program, but it severely underfunded. And as a result, it has very old and outdated equipment.

Overall, Fresno does a great job of educating people. There is a variety of classes, it even offers a Hmong language course, but it does lack some classes, such as ceramics, digital art, or baking.

Review on the ATLAS Student Portal

Pros and cons of Fresno Unified School District

It is impossible to maintain both sides. And for that reason, we created a list of the pros and cons of studying at one of the institutions of Fresno Unified School District and left for you to choose the side.


  • Many sport options
  • Diverse
  • Has a welcoming vibe
  • United to work toward student progression
  • No bullying


  • Funding toward some schools needs to be improved
  • Some teachers didn’t like their subjects
  • Some facilities need an update
  • Lack of parking space

Does Fresno Unified School District have a campus?

Fresno Unified School District is an organization that consists of more than 100 educational institutions of different levels, so there is a lot to choose from. If you want more details, you can request information on the website, portal or by contacting directly the school.

Tuition and Fees in Fresno Unified School District

As this district comprises of many institutions, such dependable information is not given at the portal, nor the district webpage. To receive all the details, contact the needed school, and they will provide you with all cost ranges.


Can you imagine that twenty years ago students only wished there would be a source that would contain all educationally related information? At those times when they wanted to know their schedule or final grade, they had to ask somebody for that info. But now, thanks to technology, we have web portals. They are databases that provide all the details that a modern student may need. The ATLAS student portal is no exception.

Through the portal, learners of the FUSD can access all details about their study progress. But to use the portal in its fullest capacity, you have to log in. If any problems arise while logging in, check out the district’s website, it has some great tips for entering the username and password.

Do you want to know your recent grades? Are you wondering about your schedule for tomorrow? Is your mother asking about your attendance records? Or maybe you forgot what your math assignment is? Check out the portal and it will answer your questions.

Are you ready for some learning competition? Connect to your friends through the portal and see who earns more badges for grades and attendance. There are some students that think of portals as only a waste of time, but they are not. Scroll through it and see yourself.