Review on the Art Institute Student Portal

This platform is one of the most useful databases which are used by Art Institutes students. The portal is universal since it is designed not only for newly-enrolled students but also for those who are already studying at this university. The purpose of the portal is to maximize the information support of students through various resources and services offered on the website. For the student to fully benefit from the functionality of this website, it is necessary to register and provide the data that was specified upon admission.

Thanks to the information contained in the portal, students can view everyday events that occur in the life of the university. They can also study the schedule of subjects, learn about the most important dates, and plan their own daily routine. Besides, the portal provides a large amount of the most useful information which includes:

  • Analytics and lists of upcoming events for students;
  • Most relevant job opportunities;
  • Faculty contact details;
  • Educational information;
  • Financial data and tuition fees;
  • A list of all academic courses and online programs.

It is also worth noting that the portal is available 24 hours a day and allows students to use it at any time.

Contacts of the Art Institute Student Portal

The portal provides with the following contact information:

About Art Institute Student Portal

After students register as new users on The Art Institutes student portal, they are provided with full access to all the most necessary functions. Besides, each candidate who passed the registration receives up to 50 MB of cloud storage to maintain their own account.

After successful registration and access to the portal, students can familiarize themselves with the portal’s home page. This section contains all the necessary information on various events and announcements that take place in The Art Institutes. In the My Classes section, there is a list of individual schedules for each of the students that can be used for the more efficient administration of the educational process.

The Student Affair section is dedicated to various options for students’ clubs and organizations. If you want to join a club, this section will be most useful for you. Also, the site has a significant and valuable part called Academic Affair. It is noteworthy that in this section, each student can find complete information about the educational process. It includes data on all the necessary educational materials and also displays academic progress. Moreover, thanks to the GPA calculator, students can automatically calculate their own grades for different subjects.

One of the most popular and convenient features of this portal is located in the Students Resource Center section. It is here that all students will be able to replenish their knowledge with the help of various educational materials, videos, and e-books in each subject.

Besides, the portal also allows you to customize the security system for the account. This is especially relevant because students often store all financial and personal information on their own accounts registered on the portal.

Program Description

After registering on the portal, the student has the opportunity to see all the available programs that The Arts Institutes offers. Also, if you have any questions on certain subjects that need to be studied in the framework of a program, you can contact the support service that will provide you with complete information. Today, The Arts Institutes students can receive education in the following programs:

  • Graphic design;
  • Media arts and animation;
  • Culinary arts;
  • Photography;
  • Digital filmmaking and video production;
  • Interior design;
  • Audio production;
  • Fashion design;
  • Game art and design;
  • Baking and pastry;
  • Fashion marketing.

It is also worth noting that The Arts Institutes provides all applicants the opportunity to receive financial assistance for admission to the selected program. If you want to get a creative education at this university, you can additionally contact the university administration and find out what criteria you need to fulfill to get a financial grant or scholarship. In this case, the award can be up to 20% of the cost of education, which is equivalent to $18,650.

About The Arts Institutes

The educational system The Art Institutes start working in 1969 after the Education Management Corporation became the owner of an Art Institute which was located at that time in Pittsburgh. The most active growth and development of this educational system occurred in the period from 2000 to 2009. During this period, more than 50 schools of this institution were opened.

Since 2000, The Art Institutes became the owner of dozens of already existing US art colleges and institutes. Thus, the institute was able to geographically cover all of North America and offer students from different states to get an art education.

Starting from 2001, the first programs that the institute offered were with a bachelor’s degree. Further, online training programs were launched that made it easier to obtain this type of diploma. Later on, the Art Institutes also provided the option to complete online training programs without being tied to a specific degree.

Nevertheless, despite the successful development of the school at the beginning of 2000, private education in the USA was subjected to close attention and control by the regulatory authorities. Thus, The Art Institutes had to reduce the number of their schools. It is noted that more than 35 schools were closed throughout the country in the period from 2017 to 2018. Today, The Art Institutes consists of the following educational institutions, including:

  • Miami International University of Art & Design;
  • The Art Institute of Atlanta;
  • The Art Institute of Austin;
  • The Art Institute of Dallas;
  • The Art Institute of Houston;
  • The Art Institute of San Antonio;
  • The Art Institute of Tampa;
  • The Art Institute of Virginia Beach

Reviews for The Arts Institutes

Most of the reviews about this school are often negative. Some students refer to the fact that the learning process is built very inefficiently, and the first year of study is somewhat tricky. At the same time, many teachers summarize that subsequent years of study will be more productive and thus motivate students to continue their studies.

Nevertheless, given the majority of reviews, graduates of the university say that a specialist diploma obtained in this educational institution will not provide you with a large number of chances to find a high-paying job in the world of artistic design. The fact is that the central part of the largest companies that hire specialists of this level does not accept a diploma from this educational institution.

It is also worth noting that many students call for the high cost of education and not entirely reliable information about the financial assistance that the university can provide.

Pros and cons

It goes without saying that, like any other university or college, in this case, there are both positive and negative aspects of receiving an education at a given university.


  • Nurturing experience;
  • Great perks low pay;
  • Good teachers;
  • Educational material;
  • Lots of faculties and specializations;


  • Low-quality education;
  • Non-stable educational process;
  • Poor management;
  • No growth opportunity for graduates.

Does The Arts Institutes have a campus?

This institution does not provide students with the opportunity to live on campus. In turn, it offers to rent joint housing with other students. At the same time, the university contributes as much as possible to the students so that they can find the necessary place of residence directly near the educational buildings.

Tuition and Fees in The Arts Institutes

The Art Institutes offers students various types of financial assistance, and therefore, the final cost of education depends on each individual case. Today, students who study on a full-time basis and receive partially online training using the online program pay an average of $17,014. At the same time, the costs of direct tuition are $16,920, and the rest amount covers various fees.

It is also worth noting that it is necessary to take into account the additional cost of living as well as meals that are not included in the above price indicators.


Art Institutes Student Portal is a massive database of various data necessary for organizing a successful educational process. This portal contains all the essential information that students may need as part of their studies. This website is useful not only for newbies but also for students who already receive an education. If you do not want to spend your time searching for individual sources of information regarding your educational process, this portal is one of the most effective ways to get all the necessary information in one place.

Also, the portal provides detailed information on various educational programs and tuition fees. Besides, you have the opportunity to receive the most relevant data about events held at the university, make an application for possible financial assistance in obtaining an education, and also administer the schedule of your subjects.

Do you want to know the most relevant news from the life of the university? Do you like to participate in various student activities fully? Need to see the contact details of a teacher? All this information can be found directly on the portal. All you need to do is go through the registration procedure and get access to all the necessary training data.

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