review of fall prevention in the aged essay


Elderly people are a prone population for several reasons. Features of a susceptible population incorporate being at risk of or at risk for health conditions (de Chesnay & Anderson, 2012, s. 4). Something that elders are susceptible to is being vulnerable to a fall. Comes can result in a variety of injuries from fractures to chronic pain to decreased quality of life and increased morbidity (Karlsson, Magnusson, von Schewelov, & Rosengren, 2013).

Many risk factors contribute improved likelihood of comes. Change in regimen or environment, inappropriate shoes, and other chronic health conditions bring about a higher risk of suffering an autumn (Karlsson, Magnusson, von Schewelov, & Rosengren, 2013). Nurses can work to minimize falls in the long term care establishing. I will assessment the hazards of falls and what the nurse may do to acknowledge risks and stop falls in occupants in order to avoid injuries. The attached PowerPoint can help illustrate the dangers of comes and train the main parts of prevention. I’ve also developed brochure pertaining to nurses to hold with these people as a reminder showing how they can assist in preventing falls.

Dangers of Falls in the Elderly

Comes are risky for anyone at any age. They lead to injuries from craters to busted bones. However , in the elderly, the risks for injury and morbidity associated with falls happen to be increased. Is catagorized are the leading cause of fatality by unintentional injury in older adults (“Healthy Persons 2020, in. d. ). Falls written for 23% of injury-related deaths in those over 66, 34% in those more than 85 years old (Karlsson, Magnusson, von Schewelov, & Rosengren, 2013). In an effort to raise knowing of these issues, Healthy People 2020 included the goals of improving the health, function, and quality of life of older adults and lowering the rate of visits to emergency departments that come from falls (“Healthy Persons 2020, n. d. ). In order to meet up with these desired goals and encourage quality of life, nursing staff must understand the hazards of falls and work to teach their sufferers and colleagues in elimination and reduction ofinjury.

Knowing Risk Elements

Once nursing staff understand how harmful falls in order to an older adult’s quality of life; they will better understand their roles in reduction and getting together with the requires of our long lasting care human population. Prevention begins with knowing the risks. Elderly residents have got reduced basic safety awareness and gait lack of stability (“Mayo Clinic, 1998-2014). They are typically unaware of these basic safety reductions and need individuals around them to fill this gap. Healthcare professionals also should be alert for signs of intellectual impairment. Every time a resident or elderly person is ignorant, they may not recall how to assist themselves. They can ignore their walkers or different assistive equipment further thus, making them prone to is catagorized.

They may have sensory impairments such as poor eyesight and diminished ability to hear (“Mayo Clinic, 1998-2014). Rns must assist the elderly resident by keeping walkways clear and maintaining a safe and steady environment. Monitoring medication routine for certain medicines that maximize falls risk is another way nurses can meet these goals. Antihypertensive medications, diuretics, stool softeners, and benzodiazepines all increase the odds of a fall and they are common medications for aged in long term care configurations (Karlsson, Magnusson, von Schewelov, & Rosengren, 2013). Spotting these concerns promote the importance of the nurse’s role in the meeting requirements and improving quality of life pertaining to the elderly.

Aiding in Avoidance

Knowing the risk factors linked to falls is a large element in prevention. Nevertheless , there are additional actions that nurses can take to protect the protection of their elderly residents. Monitoring a resident’s fall background requesting a referral to physical therapy is usually one crucial action nursing staff can take. Personnel communication is another vital aspect of prevention (Murphy, 2013). It may sound straightforward, but subtle changes in a resident’s schedule or program can occur coming from shift to shift. Therefore , it is crucial to go over this between shifts and between professions to aid in prevention. Another vital element of prevention is that nurses evaluate and consider additional activates for is catagorized. Assessing when ever falls commonly occur and determining the continent position of high risk residents, can lead to methods of treatment. Falls are frequently associated with the ought to void(Hitcho, et al., 2004). Therefore , instituting a toileting regimen is yet another nursing input that may reduce a resident’s chance for an autumn.


Older adults are a vulnerable portion of our populace. One component that contributes to their weeknesses is substantial fall risk. However , this is a factor that can be affected by treatment. Nurses include a unique opportunity to intervene inside the lives from the elderly to get whom they offer care. They can recognize factors that improve the likelihood of declines and put into action actions to stop them. In doing so , they decrease weeknesses and increase the quality of life with their elderly occupants.

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